Hello world!

This is yet another place in the web for us to call home and we’re just getting started!

We are a growing club of female burger lovers who love everything about burgers, any kinda burgers!

We are not babes.We are not Barbies.We ARE BROADS!

We’re redefining burger culture and most importantly, what it means to be a BROAD
We will NEVER  talk about big burger chains! THAT’s a Promise!

This is a collaborative blog, a place for all us Broads to show our love of burger culture from meatarian to vegetarian from all around the World.

It’s also a space where you can learn about each of us.. who we are when we’re not eating burgers.

Some of us are known as

*Around the World* Burger Broads  Correspondents.

We hail from Canada, The United States, Ireland,UK, Australia and the Philippines.

It is here in this blog that we will post pics,videos and even mini reviews of a burger we have encountered or something about ourselves ..ie; upcoming shows,events,our own recipes of any kind ..anything we want…..we want  the rest of the world (you) to know about.

We are always asked.. ” So..what is the best burger you ever had?”

Our answer: We  never met a burger we didn’t like but some do make us *burgasm* better than others;)

We are not food critics. We are burger lovers.

In the name of burgers and for the love of Broads, once  again,Welcome!

We hope you enjoy your time with us.

we Find.we Eat.we Share


One of many Broads

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