Sh*T Girls Say-The Anti-Meme

We’re SO bored of the “Sh*t that Girls,Jews,Blacks,Gays,Animals,Yogi’s,Skiers etc,etc  Say” we just had to jump on the meme wagon and make it an ANTI-Meme…if there’s such thing.
The Meme is sexist,racist and just goes to show There are a lot of lemmings out there who are desperately and pathetically looking for their  what used to be 15 minutes of fame  Now 15 seconds of Cewebritydom.
What do you think? Are we overreacting? Do you find them funny? Or insulting?
Have your say in the comments below.Click on the balloon in the top right corner of this post
We’re not the only ones who wish it would go away.. better yet, never have happened. Huffington Post

*On a side note:

We love Juliette Lewis who ( Ep 1 & 3 of Shit Girls Say) is a “Broad” in our books.

If it wasn’t for her, that ‘Shit’ probably wouldn’t have the wings to fly.

2 comments on “Sh*T Girls Say-The Anti-Meme

  1. I’ll be honest-I think you are overreacting, but if you feel this way that’s just fine. Thanks for the post. I’ll say this-it’s for those that find it humorous-if you don’t, then don’t watch them. I also think it’s a little more acceptable as far as the racial ones go because they are cultures making fun of their own culture (except for the sh*t white girls say to black girls). but the very first video was of black person making fun of other black people (women). Asians making fun of other Asians. I don’t see it as racism. And I don’t see the other ones as sexism. I could see where you all are coming from though.

  2. I also want to add that I don’t want to be like those people that say “get over it”. I think that’s one of the most ignorant things you can tell someone. How dare you tell someone to not be upset about something. If it offends you, it offends you. You have every right to be offended.

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