And so, it too was created!

welcome to the circus of burgers, hamburglers!

my search for the truth about the unusual fascination with what, essentially is just  ground beef/pork patties, begins by taking me on a journey into ancient worlds of nomads, hunters & conquerors. I want to know some of the history concerning the beloved burger.

for so it told…. that deep into the 11th century nomadic mongol warriors who were known for venturing out on lengthy excursions across vast lands and performing with excellent execution, i may add, the occasional pillage; often  carried flattened meat patties as their source of main food substance.  The patties were flattened for the purpose of convenient carrying.

"the flat meat barrage"

when the mongol warriors took a hold of mother russia, they also brought with them yummy flattened meat product. what do you know, it caught on and soon russia was in the grips of what would eventually grip the entire world, like a delicious, delicious virus ….THE HAMBURGER!

soon the new flat meat craze would reach russia’s surly sailors who would drop in to visit the kind and gentle people of germany from time to time… hamburg specifically. the people of hamburg luv’d it so much that they eventually felt suited to finally give flat meat a more desirable name… they named it after themselves and began a passion worldwide that is even stronger now than then!

so that is the historical account of the origin of the burger patty..first step in my quest…now i want to know when, who and where was the birth of the hamburger sandwich. there is much controversy surrounding this topic but i will try to unravel fact from fiction in my next episode.

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