Sweet Potato Chips go Gr8 w/any kinda burger

As a Mom, I try my best to make food FUN and HEALTHY for my child.  These sweet potato chips make a fabulous side dish with BURGERS!!! Lord knows we love our burgers, most people do! A lot of folks also like to add chips on the side…french fries and potato chips.

This is a healthy and EASY side dish that will leave little and big tummy’s satisfied and parents with a guilt free conscience! Take pride in what you cook & create for your family 🙂

Cooking Directions:

Slice one large Sweet Potato into 1/8th inch pieces and lay out evenly on parchment paper lined baking sheets.

Lightly sprinkle with seasoning ( I use a spice mix of equal parts Salt, Fresh ground black pepper, Onion powder )

Spritz lightly with olive oil and bake in 300 degree oven for about 1 hour.

Turn each piece every 20 min AND if using 2 baking trays, alternate them between the middle and bottom oven racks to ensure even cooking.

Store in a paper towel lined cookie tin ( who am I kidding though? These babies will get eaten up in no time! )

2 comments on “Sweet Potato Chips go Gr8 w/any kinda burger

  1. This looks very good. Next time, I’ll buy sweet potatoes at the Asian shop and make this. Thanks a lot for this post.

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