The Luther Burger….why?

ola, dear hamburglers,

during my truth seeking journey, i will undoubtedly encounter fascinating and odd actualities along the way that may help me understand the unending and unshakable hold, this thing we happily named the hamburger, has over us.

i have unearthed, what is called the ‘luther burger’, an unnerving oddity, that upon site, has be known to make  ordinary men & women abandon all intelligence and the most basic of  morals.  is it the work of uncontrollable influence? is it something outside of our comprehension? some have speculated that the luther burger may possess the soul of ….wait for it….the devil.

but what in heavens name is the luther burger?

the luther is a burger fashioned with sticky, sweet glazed donuts as buns. yes, i said that right….dooooonuttttssss! 

usually made with krispy creme donuts…mmmmm!



it just might be the devils work….

so who invented this abomination?

speculated-alien among us...not confirmed information

"hail satan, you're burger-donut is working. soon they will be ours!"





well, the legend tells us that this dessert-dinner combo was invented by or for the late great soul singer, luther vandross. he was a superstar in the eighties and sold over 30 million albums worldwide.

the question is..why?



we may never uncover the truth about this oddity. whether it was created for him or by him….why donuts? what does the burger-donut signify? could the burger-donut be responsible for man’s downturn? are there aliens among us?..and what of the power donuts have over most law enforcement….hmmm food for thought, literally.

what i do know is that this phenomenon has spread  rapidly throughout america and could be making its way to canada…so please go and eat safe eh!

it may already be among us

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