The Idea of Woman™.


This evening I was at the grocery store and I picked up a copy of MacLean’s magazine. The cover story caught my eye and here’s why:

Featured this month is a story about the hijab/burqa/niqab worn by many Muslim women, and how we perceive it in our Western society.

The writer raises the point that while a woman’s choice (or non-choice, though it is often a choice) to cover up her body and face may seem like an unfathomable, extreme sexual segregation, it is actually on the same plane as our societal expectations women.

I tend to agree that in the same way we tend to be imprisoned by our Western ideas of sexual freedom and exposure… a topic that is definitely touched upon with The Burger Broads: How do you define yourself as a woman in the world?

The author made the argument that basically neither covering up nor being fully exposed was more or less powerful or acceptable than the other. This actually relates to The Marilyn Meme article  Ms.D shared with us Broads earlier this week.

What do you think?

Are the sexual extremes of wearing something to cover your body and face as equally disturbing as collagen injected lips and eating disorders?

Do you think these two cultural extremes are actually so far along the same continuum that they are almost the same? Or maybe they aren’t alike at all?

A hungry broad wants to know your thoughts… 😉

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