Haggis Burger

Somebody help me! Haggis Burger?! Today being Robbie Burns Day I googled

“Haggis Burger” and lo and behold wouldn’t ya know it, there is such burger that exists.Why not?!

I,myself, am not a fan of Haggis but now that it can also be a burger.. hmmm….well, I’m off to search for a nearby pub to grab some haggis burger grub and a lot of pints to beckon the muses of poetry and/or wash that haggis burger down with.

Here’s to Robbie Burns! (with glass in hand,making a toast) and as my grandma would say

“Bottoms Up!”

Here’s some fun facts about Haggis (great website)

and yes.. er.. um ..here is a recipe:
Haggis Burger

Take a whole haggis and skin it carefully, preserving its cheery, rotund shape.
Slice it into .. er, slices, about half an inch thick (or 1.5 cm in new money).
Now you can either grill it or fry it, making sure you do each side, until it is nice and brown. Don’t worry if it starts disintegrating a bit – this is normal – just squash it back together with a couple of teaspoons. (Don’t burn your fingers).

Have your assistant butter some rolls for you and look out all those chutneys and things you got for Christmas – you’ll need them. Place a slice of haggis on each roll and anoint it with chutney – or tomato sauce, brown sauce or piccalilli. You might like some kind of contrasting vegetation such as chopped onion, chopped gherkin or sliced tomato which generally goes well with it. Or, to stick with tradition – if a haggis burger can possibly be described as traditional – add some neeps or tatties and gravy on the top.


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