the incredible hamdog

"only if you dare"

guten tag hamburglers,

as my journey unfolds, my ethereal wandering spirit has spoken loudly and have taken me to places far beyond the reach of our meek, humanoid existence….or at least it feels that way!

my journey into a relatively untapped part of history has already shed iridescent light upon the moment of birth of the hamburger and like all living things, the hamburger, as it grew and evolved, changed in form, function and flavour.

the hamburger became a capital market for the united states of america.  a gross development of this substance was usually fit for simpletons, more over; ground beef became a staple for most, if not all, blue collar and no collar families of the early 20th century.

our older more boastful brother, the u.s. would come to represent and present the hamburger in such distorted concoctions that many earthly worldians  soon started to question whether these oddities were truly the wonderments of natures imaginative culinary skills or the deceptive master plannings of world domination by an unknown entity.

And if this is the case, who’s to say that this specimen, unearthed deep in the recesses of Decatur, Georgia in 2005 was not the warnings of things to come.

so what exactly is the Hamdog Hamburger?

walk with me for a bit…..for me, Hamdog conjures up a an amusingly disturbing imagery.  could it have been a verocious pig/dog hybrid aimed at destroying mankind through misguided notions of self indulgence?

it’s not……this isn’t raccoon city….yet!

the hamdog, is seemingly, nothing more than a figment of an invention of an idea of a bad dream that should have remained in the shadows within the normal thought process…not the conclusion. but is that all there is to it?

now, let’s rustle up some hamdogs….

the hamdog hamburger was invented by a crazy dude they call chandler golf in the tender year of 2005.  as you may have guessed, this creation was painfully birthed in the u.s., as many of my findings will illustrate. it’s a popular novelty act it seems.

if you wanted to build yourself a proper hamdog ( i would advice having the emergency hotline readily available first)

this is what it would entail: a hotdog wrapped in a beef patty tomb, deep-fried, then drowned in chili, french fries, and topped with a sunny side up.

hmmm, i have to wonder what is really going here and it leaves the door open to review very logical and rational questions such as-

why? who are you working for? what the #%!* were you thinking? what is its dark purpose?

you may have a few questions yourself.  for the answer is still out there… somewhere in the unknown…..

as i continue my search for the truth, i hope that you will also ask yourself the same frightening and unthinkable question…..

is there a dark secret that may jeopardize the very existence of human-kind still yet to be uncovered? or is it just a crazy man’s creation of crazy comfort food?

to be noted: dr. nicholas lang, professor of surgery at the University of Arkansas for medical sciences, advised against ever consuming a hamdog at any point in one’s lifetime.

advise noted!

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