Mini Burgers-Superbowl

Watching the Superbowl this upcoming weekend?

Making plans as to what you will have on the Smörgåsbord menu?

We found just the thing for you burger freaks.Bite sized burgers! better known as mini burgers,however, mini burgers are NOT the same as sliders. Did you know that?

Here’s the 101:

A mini burger is just that .Mini. A hamburger but only smaller in size. Much smaller.(usually around 2 oz) and yes. HAMburger.not burger. You cannot have a mini chicken salmon burger etc. although, you can have lamb;) and some people would argue everything I just said.

A slider (those dangerously  delicious little things you may have had the luxury of eating at a cocktail party) is a very thin slice of beef cooked on top of a bed of onions with pickles and when all is cooked and done rested between two cute little buns.

Personally,they’re much tastier than  a mini burger and don’t necessarily need any condiments, especially if the beef is of high quality.

So here is the mini/slider them how you will and enjoy your Sunday Superbowl afternoon without any guilt regardless of how many you scoff down.
P.S. These mini burgers aren’t just for Superbowl parties.They are great for any occasion especially the day after..for breakfast…if there’s any left.

Here’s a great website with pics and HOW to do it
We like this one! There’s a bottle of wine involved;)

One of our favorite Broads, Madonna, will be performing her new song/single “Give Me All Your Love”
Watch Superbowl 2012 Live Streaming here

2 comments on “Mini Burgers-Superbowl

  1. I am not the biggest duck fan by any stretch but this duck burger may just make me want to rub my belly and say mmmmm…
    I think the Broads are going to have to try this one!!!

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