CONTEST! Show us Your *Burger Face*

CONTEST! Show us Your *Burger Face*
We wanna see YOU eating a burger!
Post a pic of YOU eating a burger.

Toronto/GTA-Canada Make it fun.funny.messy.
Post it on our wall For your chance to win a $30 gift certificate to Burger Brats AND a Burger Broads t-shirt!

Just in time to take your burger lovin’ sweetheart(s) out on a date for Valentine’s Day:)

The Madame of the BroadHouse will choose the winning pic.
Don’t live in Toronto? That’s ok!

We wanna give away another t-shirt too and then some.
Post a pic of you eating a burger.make it fun.funny.messy .

The Madame of the BroadHouse will choose the winning pic For Your Chance

To win a Burger Broads t-shirt AND a Burger Broads
‘Broads Eating Burgers’ 2012 Calendar!

Contest ends Feb 9. Winner(s) announced Feb 10th

*Please Note: If you are eating a fast food burger chain burger the picture CANNOT in any way show where the burger is from.
If so, it Will Be DISQUALIFIED and we will delete it from our facebook page.
We don’t endorse, in any way, fast food burger chains.
Besides,why would you eat a fast food burger when there are REAL burgers to be had!?

*On Another Note:
Should you win,This does NOT guarantee that you will find love or get laid.

Now go Get your BURGER FACE on! We look forward to your photo!

Reminder: This contest is only on Facebook/BurgerBroads

Don’t wanna play?:(

maybe you know a burger lover who does. So go ahead and share,

Consider it your good deed for the day.

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