I ❤ Valentine’s Day ?

With only 9 days to go I find myself reminiscing of Love and days gone by.

Throughout the years I have had a love/hate relationship with Valentine’s Day.

It all started in Grade 2 when my mom would buy that box of Valentine’s Cards that you would sign To__________ and From_______ for my fellow classmates and teacher. Remember?

Then, in Highschool it was all about buying a Valentine’s Rose for a special someone.Or someone you had a crush on.That always stressed me out. I was in love with a lot of boys and being on a teenager of the 80’s budget I quickly learned  the skill of spending my money wisely. Then there was the stress of the popularity game.The more roses you were given,obviously the more popular you were.Needless to say I wasn’t very popular but glad to have a gang of girlfriends who would send me a rose or two from a so called “secret admirer

Then came College and there were a lot of one night stands,dates and even a few serious relationships in the course of a one year program. Every day I was in love.In love with my friends.in love with a football player.in love with a guy  10 yrs my senior.in love with a dj, in love with a male virgin. in love with a construction worker.in love with a drummer.in love with the future.in love with life.As far as I was concerned, Everyday was Valentine’s Day.

Upon graduating and moving to the big city and now in my mid 20’s it was time to take life, love and career seriously. I met a boy who was the son of a Rockstar and fell madly, deeply in love .For 2 years it was sex,drugs and rock’n’ roll!!.Having been weaned on the Cinderella story as a little girl, I had found my Prince Charming and I was going to settle down, get married  and have babies because that’s what you do, right? NOT! After a one year engagement my Prince Charming told me he was not in love with me anymore.My heart was shattered and I was a mess.That moment changed my life and off to therapy I went.And  the defining moment? when through the course of picking up the pieces and mending my idealistic heart I realized Valentine’s Day was an overwrought, consumeristic  bullshit of a Holiday.

But had  it always been that way? I had to know.

Fast forward 6 months: I meet a guy who I spend the next 10yrs with.Through the course of this love affair, I fall in and out of love with him about 5 times.Sometimes we celebrated Valentine’s Day. Sometimes we didn’t. That love affair came to an abrupt halt when my sober heart finally admitted I was not IN love with him.

Fast forward 1 year: I meet a man who I had met before (10 yrs ago) and at that time we despised each other.Then along comes facebook and well let’s just say the rest is the future in the making:) With his history of broken hearts and mine, We have agreed to not  celebrate or observe the Valentine’s Day ever again but before you pass judgement and think we are a couple of bah humbugs, know that our lives are filled with love in the things we do, the people we spend time with and All with daily affection.

So the verdict still stands.I love Love and every day should be Valentine’s Day.

So you’re asking,Where’s the beef?

I found this website,The Gourmet Mama, and she shows you how to make a heart shaped burger for the lover in your life.

And just for the sake of Valentine’s Day AND getting naughty

Here’s  a saucy little video of a performance I was part of a few years ago.

Wanna Pair? Click on the pic


Ms.D-The Madame of the BroadHouse

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