the juicy lucy

bonjourno hamburglers,

i’m back with a doozy of a burger! this one, found in the illusive h-files from an undisclosed location only for those privy to.

because of my disclosure agreement, the only thing i can rightfully convey  is that the juicy lucy is believed to have been invented in Minneapolis. the claim is made by two restaurants that are located right across the street from each other. no one is certain of who first named the burger….well, except the respective owners and in trying to prove distinct ownership one restaurant spells it ‘jucy’ and the other spells it ‘juicy’.  this didn’t help to prove or dispel any notions of ownership. this became a classic case of the chicken and the egg so, to this day the controversy still scorches on.

mystery cheese substance

ok, so what is the juicy lucy and is it a part of some lament conspiracy quieted for years? what is its ultimate purpose? is it meant for good or evil? you be the judge.

juicy is a cheeseburger with lots of cheese crammed in the center of the hamburger instead of on top.  sounds ok…i guess, what’s the big deal?

as i dig a little deeper i begin to feel unsettled and anxious….unusal right? my research has revealed to me something shocking and amazing.  these fromage filled patties were fashioned as training implements for weapons testing by the military (that’s all i can say about that aspect) but…unseen to the untrained, naked eye awaited a surprise that could, if nothing else, leave you with a face full of scorching hot greasy cheese.  i joke not, hamburglers!

the unassuming person would hunker in for that first big bite…..and….HOLY HOT HAMBURGERS BATMAN!….the first bite creates an explosion of catastrophic proportions which is caused by a build up of atomic and pro-tonic energy inside the burger. sounds scary yes, so image if that was your lovely and delicate face behind this potentially disastrous h-bomb.
now, mystery surrounds the juicy. the more we know, the more questions we have. cloaked in a shroud of secrecy, the juicy will always be a mystery.

was the experiment successful? was it’s purpose to somehow expose those who may be a threat?

is it a form of communication only decoded by those in the know? why cheddar, is it found to really scorch the skin better than swiss or mozzarella?

the exploding burgerthese and many more questions may never be answered in our time but this is why it’s important to continue to document these strange occurrences for future researchers. one day we will know the truth! stay vigilant!

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