Fast food burger rant

BRAVO!  Jamie Oliver!

Jamie Oliver vs McDonald’s

I am sure said burger chain is not the only one who uses/used the ‘safe’ product that they call ammonium hydroxide better known as pink slime.

Why would anyone eat fast food burgers anyways?! Conditioned to be lazy from a young age? perhaps.

Wake up Burger Lovers!!!.

You don’t need to eat meat all the time but when you do have a hankering Know where your meat comes from.

Learn.Appreciate.Respect and Be grateful that you are on the top of the food chain.

Support your local burger joint,local restaurant or pub.

They care and will gladly educate you while you feast…. and in turn, you will actually take the time to Bite.Chew.Swallow  and savour, leaving your belly satisfied with love and nutrition instead of having to run like mad to the crapper 1/2 hour later.

In Burgers We Trust,

Signed, Ms.D-The Madame of the BroadHouse

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