good eats in riverdale!

hey hamburglers,

i’ve taken a short but deserved break from my travels, to spend a few days at home over revisiting seemingly ordinary burger joints in search of something recognizable in taste and sight.

we soon came upon a favourite neighborhood drop in called new york cafe, a family owned restaurant that’s been at the same location for many moons.  it’s a beautiful day so the other humans are out and about glorifying themselves under what little sunshine they could absorb, like hungry little monsters.

it's the gravy that makes it sooo good!!!


speaking of hungry… hubs and i sat down and ordered ourselves a burger from the pleasant server and soon she came back with our meal.

i had the open-faced hot hamburger smothered in delicious gravy and mashed potatoes. Dave had the classic burger with fries. my hot hammy is a fave of mine and i’v enjoyed it more times than i should share here……it’s in the gravy!

so we ate, we enjoyed getting messy and then we rubbed our bellys!!!

if you are in the broadview & danforth area, check out new york cafe. enjoy the  great variety on their menu where mostly everything is yummy and the prices, very reasonable.

it’s the gravy!

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