Women creating/causing *Good Trouble*

We started this blog late December 2011 and already have 550 subscribers.

Thank-YOU! for liking what we do around here at The BroadHouse.

At first,this collaborative blog was to be focused on burgers….everything burgers, but through the course of reaching out, communicating and listening it has become so much more.Don’t get me wrong, It’s still about burgers but as I said it is becoming more. Afterall, we are a dynamic bunch;)

I have had the great pleasure of connecting with like minded hearts and women of all ages who are dynamic, creative, artistic entrepreneurial forces to be reckoned with (mommy bloggers, food bloggers, photographers, music photographers, chocolatiers, erotica writers, actresses and comediennes, singers, financial experts, arts administrators, fitness leaders, Life coaches, graphic artists and designers,women who make their own eco-conscious/health conscious products,women who are writing/directing/producing webseries with unconventional female stereotypes)


And the list  goes on and on!

It seems Us Broads are not the only ones who have created a Club! Like other ‘clubs’ to be found in the webisphere there is a numerous amount and variety of women who are redefining what it means to the individual and to society as a whole, around the world, to be a female in this day and age. And it’s not just an age thing.These women are in their early 20’s all the way through to their 60’s in both hemispheres of the planet we All call Home.

It’s a mindset and an attitude that thrills me to see that we Women really do support and encourage one another in our aspirations and goals. It’s not a myth.It’s not an underground movement.It’s not impossible.

The days of pitting women against women are coming to an end. The days of being a Leave it to Beaver,Mrs. Cleaver are long gone.And good riddance!

Who has the best hair? Who has the most good looking partner? Who is the skinniest? Who is the most stylish? Who is the prettiest? Who is the sexiest? Who bakes the best cake? WHO CARES!?

We have our foremothers to thank whether they be famous or not, for they helped pave the way to what we are able, capable and free to do and be Today and lead the way for Tomorrow.

Slowly but surely, advertising and all forms of media are catching up and catching on.Shows like Rizzoli & Isles starring Angie Harmon and Sasha Alexander, is a fine example at this given moment.

We also have to thank the men! The men who stand behind us fearless women. They support us, believe in us and they know that there is more to a woman than just her beautiful looks.They aren’t afraid of us, they don’t  try to repress us and they certainly don’t fear losing their own identity.

I smell a Matriarchal Revolution coming on.. Happening!

Move over Sun Tzu and make way for

The Princessa!

Harriet Rubin / founder of Doubleday Currency/ Author of The Princessa: Machiavelli for Women, which has been translated into twenty-three languages.She is on USA TODAY’s editorial board and is a consultant to media companies.

                     I look forward to many more connections as I weave through the web on the hunt for interesting people, stories and burgers of all kinds to share with you while developing  Camaraderie along the way.

Thanks again for being a Lover of Broads😉

Ms.D-Madame of The BroadHouse

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