St.Patty’s Day-*Green Pea* Burger?

I think I’ll just stick to the green beer.Thanks.

But if You are so inclined to want to or need to try this Japanese Bento *Green Pea Mini Burger* recipe it is vegan, gluten-free and green, very,very green… as you can see.

The recipe almost had me with some of the ingredients being Rosemary and Black Olive paste but it is STILL green and I just can’t seem to wrap my burger belly mind around that.

It looks more like a falafel to me and I love falafels.

Did ya Know? Japan celebrates St.Patrick’s Day too!,since 1992

Go figure. Who doesn’t love a good party!?

So,While you are out there gettin’ your drink on, with green beer or not, on St.Patrick’s Day, no matter where you live in our big, beautiful world, May you be so lucky to catch a leprechaun or find

a four leaf clover



Did Ya Know?

When You drink green beer it makes you feel lucky.

Or maybe it just makes you feel drunk,

and feeling drunk makes you feel lucky.

Either way,

Up Your Bum! and Happy St.Patrick’s Day!

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