The Scoop on The Pink Slime

As you may or may not have been aware there has been a lot of buzz and fuss over this nasty thing called “Pink Slime” in your beef burger.

Haven’t heard of it yet?

It was quietly introduced to pre-made patties in the early 1990’s in the U.S.

It was first talked about in Food Inc in 2008 by filmmaker Robert Kenner but for some reason for these last few months (probably due to Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution) twitter was abuzz with various sources tweeting that certain fast food burger chains (no need to mention any names) used this nasty stuff  in the production of their beef burgers..that’s if you can even call them ‘beef’ burgers and yes, I am biased. I do not believe,ever, that these fast food chains use the best quality meat they could.

How could they when they are producing/manufacturing en masse for the unfoodeducated masses?

So..just What exactly is Pink Slime?

It is the product (hamburger filler) of the process of trimming  boneless lean beef (separating fat and meat) by way of  centrifuges, shown like the one below.

These machines do much more too.They are designed to clean Pork Stomachs & Rectums, Beef/Pork/Sheep Large Intestines, Beef/Pork/Sheep Red offal (heart, tongue, lungs, liver); White offal (brains, marrow, testicles, feet).

They also can de-hair pig and beef ears…hmmmm YUM?

Then squeezing it through a tube the size of a pencil, it is then treated with  a gaseous form of ammonium hydroxide so that it kills bacteria such as E. coli and salmonella.

What?! There’s ammonia in my meat? wtf?! Oh right, this stuff is what pre-made burger patties are made of.

Meaning… frozen burger patties.

Besides fast food burger chains you will also find it in your local grocery store where they sell frozen beef patties and there are at least over 138 brands that were  recently re-called because of E.coli poisoning.

Symptoms: severe stomach cramps, diarrhea (often bloody), vomiting, nausea, headache and little or no fever….and it can last 5- 10 days. I recently met someone who had been suffering because he had been eating PC frozen beef patties.Needless to say, he was a little embarrassed talking to me knowing my stance on such frozen patty matters.

Some sources (Health Canada) say that it is only a south of the Canadian border problem  but somehow i doubt that when there are American food chains operating here in Canada and in this day and age food comes from wherever  it can be bought and sold for cheap and for profit.

Note to Self: don’t buy/eat frozen meat.

You don’t have to eat meat all the time but when you do have a fixin’ for such no need to feel guilty about it.

Always Eat Fresh.Eat Local.

Get to know your local butcher!

Know what you are eating,where it comes from when ordering a burger from your local restaurant or burger joint.

Note to Self: Always do:)

NOTE: this blog post is NOT anti-meatatarian or pro-vegetarian.Truth be told, I am paleolithic when it comes to my diet.

Sure, it’s not for everybody and that’s fine. All the same, I respect anyone who takes a conscious approach as to what they put into their bodies.Just because a person doesn’t eat meat does not mean they are optimally healthy.I’ve seen a lot of  pale skinned overweight vegetarians because they don’t know how to eat (eating too much dairy,carbs and fried food.) I’ve also seen skinny people who eat way too much meat, but who am I to say?

Really, at the end of the day when you check in with yourself,that is what matters. If only everyone would listen to their own bodies, eat and let eat…(like ‘Live and let Live”) Seems to me everyone is preaching one way or another about a food way of life  lifestyle and to me that’s no different than pushing your belief system on another in order to validate it to yourself.

What ever works for You on the day.Eat Life.Don’t Deny it.

Whether it be vegetarian or meatatarian, next time you have a burger get adventurous and try a new topping/condiment like cottage cheese:) I know I will:) but i think i will skip the lettuce, american cheese and tomato and replace it with a slice of juicy pineapple:)

In Burgers We Trust,

Ms.D-Madame of The BroadHouse

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