The Pub of all Pubs

Good day fellow burger Lovers.

Normally,we don’t post our  video reviews here in the blog  but we thought this place was very special and wanted to share it with you wherever you live on the planet.

As you may or may not know,we are based in Toronto,Canada and with the smorgasbord variety of burger places from grandma’s greasy spoon to gourmet burger joints we just can’t keep up with all the places that we get suggestions to do!

This place was extra special because this year marks their 25th Anniversary so they contacted us to come and sample their new burger menu and sample we did!

3 Broads and 6 Burgers.We picked our favorites and this video you are about to see will also be on their website at some point in the future.Cool!

A little bit about Paupers Pub:

Once upon a time what now is THE Pub to go to in the heart of The Annex, used to be a bank.(The Bank of Canada) This pub has been around for 25yrs and probably will be around another 25yrs, if not forever! With a rooftop patio,a piano bar and a street level patio too, they always have food and drink specials any given day of the week and it is a spot where creative,artistic types come to hangout and even do business.Famous actors (John Colicos) and not so famous actors also hang out here.We love Pubs! We love Paupers!
Patrick,who you will see in the video has worked at the Pub since the very beginning.He is a walking book of stories about the place,the patrons who frequent the friendly neighbourhood haunt and the area.He is one of the reasons that makes this place just that more extra special.
We hope you enjoy as much as we did.

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