homemade burgalactics

greetings burglizza’s

i relish sharing my burger stories from afar with you but i’ve taken a little sabbatical from my treacherous journey across land and sea to spend a little well deserved recreational time with my life here at home.

this isn’t the most interesting story by far, but where there are burgers, i shall be…especially if those burgers are on our bbq, 5 feet away from our kitchen and even closer still to the beer that chills patiently in our fridge.

i’m a huge fan of eating and better still, eating at home when you know it’s prepared with luv and goodness. so,  my better half & i…dave, we’ll call him; decided to bbq up some burgs. we wasted no time getting down to bizniz.

we fired up the ‘beast maker’ and anxiously awaited that predictable, instant drool bbq smell that you know makes the entire neighborhood take notice.  we technically refer to this as ‘bbq envy’.  it’s the smell that summons you, much like a programmed robot, to go get yourself a little yummy something to slap on your own beast maker. it’s the snowball effect at it’s best.

homemade goodness!

what i find interesting about burgs is the overwhelming variety of dressings, toppings and styles that differentiates one burg from another.

for instance, when it comes to dressing a burg, ‘the one i call’ dave and i take opposites approaches.  he plays it pretty safe adding items one would expect to see on any given burger…..ketchup, mustard, onions, tomatoe, pickles, mayo and cheese.  he’ll play with any combination of the above but seldomly  strays. the’s what i luvingly call the ‘nerd burgular’, it’s like playing only in enclosed areas for safety coupled with the fear of venturing out past their comfort zone.

but alas, the good news is if you are one of these nerd burgulars, there is plenty of room for improvement and adventuring into new flavours.  soooo, the one i call dave took a tiny step out of his box and added a little avocado to one of his burgs….there’s hope yet!

me, on the other hand, wear my knickers a little looser.  i experiment more with toppings, dressings and even meat types.  it’s really just about whatever i think may taste good or at the very least, won’t make me gag….my reflexes are somewhat snobby.

one should always take into consideration the combinations and hazards of tastes blending…sometimes it’s a hit and others, well…we won’t go there.  taking what i just said into it’s own consideration,  i can attest to somewhat playing it safe with my burger toppings, but to my defense, it was what i had in the fridge that evening……you work with what you have and this worked out extremely well!…no gags!  the blue cheese was worrisome at first thought but it turned out to be a huge success!

we ate and enjoyed our friday night food frolic with a wash of ice cold brew…you can’t go wrong!

P.S….coming soon…what does your burger preferences say about you! I may have the answer for you. BURGSTROLOGY coming soon to a blog near you…well, in this blog, right here but at a later date, very near in the future, not too far away.  You will be shocked and amazed!










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