Circusjo’s Society of Burgers

Hello Burgertonics!

I’ve taken it upon myself to devise the first ever Society of Burgers, conspicuously known as (SOB). A place of higher consciousness in terms of finding the true meaning of life thru burgers. As you know, I’ve been on a long and weary journey but it has taught me great things. From my notes from near and far, I now take you on another kind of journey, a journey of enlightenment and realization thru….The Book of Burgerology!

I have categorized, what i believe to be the 6 most common personality traits, based on the way we dress and luv our burgers.

How do you dress your burger? Are you one of these personalities?
Where do you fit in?

Read on and let us know where you squat. Or, do you think you have a personality type that isn’t on our curriculum yet, then let us know, if it’s a fit we’ll add it.

Join The Society! A Call to Arms….

The SOB needs your interaction! We want to know which personality type reigns supreme.  So, rally up the troops and get recruited! Leave us your email addy and we will send you an official SOB e-badge. This elite club is privy to meet -ups, eat-outs, burger challenges and gatherings hosted by the broads…..lucky you!! Summers just ahead and that means BBQ’s, Burgers, and Patios…get on board with the broads…you know you want to!

More from the Society….The Book of Beast Meats

The next interactive chapter of SOB…What’s your beast meat? I’ll take a look at the various types of beast meats such as beef, turkey, lamb burgers etc and the personality types who luv them!

Now lets see where you fit in!…….

The Book of Burgerality

The Nudist: The bare bones of burger personalities. Adds nothing, wants nothing.  They take naturalistic pleasures to the extreme; uninhibited to the exposed flavours of their manifesto meat sandwich. Usually found to be  intelligent and discerning but heavily lack imagination and creativity.

The Nerd: likes to play it safe by adding only one or two toppings to their beast-meat. They would luv to break out and explore more toppings but are painfully shy and may need much encouragement from others outside of their own group. Unfortunately, most in this group lack the balls needed to move past this stage. The Nerd’s best bet is to hook up with a Partier…trust me!

The Worker: This personality type plays it safe by only playing within the classic and basic toppings such as ketchup, mustard, lettuce etc. They are people of consistency and order. Their only adventurous play comes with mixing and matching the order of toppings, but it always ends up tasting the same. They relish in a life of uniformity and predictability and wouldn’t change it for nothing…..unless otherwise told to do so.

The Showoff: These attention craving hamburglars luv it hottt!..or think they do. With clenched cheeks and watery eyes they take no prisoners…because they can’t breath or see…and are most likely to disappear soon after a meal to a quieter and more comfortable private space so they can reflect on what they just did to themselves, then promise themselves that they won’t do that again, but they are helpless against their own egos. They are wannabe dare-devils who, if not careful, could easily crash & burn.

The Partier: they luv to take chances and will try anything at least once! They have no fear and luv to ketchup with what’s trending and new. They like to think of themselves as ‘out of the box thinkers’ and are very socially motivated. This personality type is somewhat outspoken and impulsive and sometimes could be confused with the Showoff. The Partier is carefree and loose minded, experiencing a lot in short bursts…. but forgetting most of it by morning.

The Extremist: the ‘no holds bar’ personality type. They are not only willing to try anything and everything, all the time, day or night, rain or shine…all you have to do is dare them… but they show no shame in combining items that would make the Nudists recoil in horror and make the Partiers look like amateurs. They live always on the toasted, crumbly edge of life and luv to grind it out with other like minded individuals, trying to always ‘up’ their game.

So there you have it! Don’t forget to leave your type with us and if you would like to be a member of the SOB Society, then you know what to do!


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