It’s our Burgday!

This day last year,April 26th/2011 we filmed our very first burger review video.

But, let’s backtrack just a bit.

9 months earlier,*The Burger Broads* were born in the back alley of a greasy mom and pop diner  on the Queen St W. strip in Toronto. Ok, so it wasn’t quite an alley.It was a small, visually undesirable patio in the back with a couple of picnic tables and not much else besides the garbage bins and empty boxes decorating the place.

After a day of yard saling, The Madame of The BroadHouse (that would be me) was taken to a place that has been around for years, since the 1960`s, catering to the local neighborhood and noon-time beer thirsty regulars for a  burger lunch by a friend who swore up and down that this was THE burger of all burgers in Toronto.


A. 16oz (1lb) of ground beef,spiced and made to order for a whopping $6.95. It was so big it had to be cut in half!

Regardless of the stuck in time decor and the lonely looking clientele nursing their lover in a bottle,there was a charm to the place knowing that it had been around so long, now operated by the son of the father who started it all.

With a very happy,full belly I  just had to let everyone I knew know about this secret place that I had found,which I found out later wasn`t so much of  a secret so even though i was a little slow to hop on the burger shouting bandwagon I rallied up a couple of girlfriends to be my guinea pigs,so to speak, to make a video.

I thought it would be more interesting to see and hear someone eat and talk about the food/the burger rather than just taking pictures and writing about it as so many food bloggers do out there.

And better yet,they had to be females who weren`t afraid of getting messy and who weren`t afraid to eat and talk with their mouths full, at the same time.

On the day of the shoot one of the girls couldn`t make it and without a second thought I put it out to a few more girlfriends.Time was of the essence as I had already spoken with the owner about setting a day and time to shoot.Soon enough a burger loving Broad came to save the day and hence the idea of a roster was initiated.Meaning,that when i would schedule a shoot there would always be someone available to come out for  a burger eating gig.

I have to say,as much as it is a roster it is also a club and preferably I like to think of it as a Club.I have met some amazing women.The women who have come together under this umbrella are dynamic,self -possessed and passionate creatures  living their lives to the fullest AND they love burgers as much as I do.

At first, facebook and twitter were the only platforms we were using to share our findings and love of burgers.At the end of  December 2011 I thought it time to create this collaborative blog. A home where everything could be organized and found easily,not just for potential readers but for my own sanity too:)

We`ve come a long way in our 1st year.Since the beginning we`ve always tried different styles of shooting and editing,coming up with  fun ideas  and always listening to our growing fanbase  …and did ya know?

…….We don`t review or discuss fast food burger chains.Never will.

Thus far in this new year, we changed our shirts from white to black, expanded our Club ( we now  have `Burger Broad Correspondents` in Vancouver,BC ) with plans to grow across Canada,heck why not all of North America!?

I like to think we will always be a Work- In- Progress because we `relish` getting messy…and sometimes cheesy;)

Knowing that we have readers such as yourself it makes me glad that I ran with this crazy idea of mine. In fact,I`ve become quite obsessed and fascinated with burger culture.Everyone loves a burger whether they are meatatarian or vegetarian and on behalf of all of us here in The BroadHouse, I  look forward to sharing more burgers and our continuous,work-in-progress journey with You while we Find.Eat and Share.

Thanks for sharing our Burgday with us!

In celebration of our 1yr mark, we have shotglasses and a waterbottle (which we use as a flask in our latest videos) that  you can acquire pretty much at cost albeit $1:) for the rest of 2012. just click on the pics!

Stay Hungry!


Ms.D-Madame of The BroadHouse

3 comments on “It’s our Burgday!

  1. Thanks for the love WindyFieldFarms:) and soon we want to come to your farm and interview you! we’ll have a burger bbq while we’re at it too..with all your fresh veggies to adorn with:) yum!

    • I grow tomatoes so big and juicy, you only need one thick slice to cover the whole burger….and I make a killer pesto. Looking forward to having you up!

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