The Grid TO-Burger Week/Burger Day

Torontonians give their south of the border cousins a run for their burger money when it comes to burger love and let’s just all admit …..downright burger obsession.In the past few years the city has become populated with burger joints ranging in price from $6-$20 and beyond.With such a plethora of choice there’s sure to be a burger for any size wallet and appetite.So, it was only a matter of time that a burger fest was bound to happen and happen it did!

This past week, a local publication called The Grid TO hosted the first annual Burger Week showcasing 25 restaurants and their week special of $5 burgers with Sunday June 3rd being the culmination of Burger Day held at The Artscape Wychwood Barns with 25 vendors, guest speakers, live music and a beer garden.

Yes, we know, National Burger Month is May and National Burger Day is May 26th but what the hell, let’s just extend it for a few more days because when it’s not hockey season or construction season it’s Burger Season!

The day started at 11:30am and was supposed to go til 4:30 but by 2-2:30 pm the vendors were beginning to run out of burgers.Twitter tweets estimated that 11,000 sliders were sold in just 3hrs! The event was so packed that after awhile it just wasn’t fun anymore.At it’s peak people were standing in line to get in,standing in line to get tickets, standing in line (10 minutes or more wait) to get sliders. Overall,the event was a success,obviously,but as much as Wychwood Barns is a great place to hang out and get to know your local artisans,next year we hope Burger Day will be in a bigger venue and that it will have the foresight to not run out of burgers.

Lucky for us, we arrived early but it was still impossible to the wallet and the belly to try every single slider at $3 bucks a burger pop so we ate about 5 of them.

Instead of teasing you or boring you (depending on your mood) with colorful words on what burgers/sliders we ate….the haggis, the lamb, the beef, the different kind of cheeses, the secret sauces,the perfect buns  etc…

…..Here are some of our memories from Burger Day            Enjoy!

2 comments on “The Grid TO-Burger Week/Burger Day

  1. Now THAT’s the way burgers are supposed to look! A bit on the small side maybe, but I know that was because they were “sampling” $3 burgers…You guys must have been in burger heaven! I’m still drooling 😉

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