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Have you ever ate a Gator burger?
After a juicy little debate on the fan page over the burgers and particularly the bun at said unnamed establishment, I took a long time friend and self proclaimed Bon Vivant,Jef Farquharson to a trendy spot on College St in Toronto, Canada to try the one weekend only “Alligator Burger”.Please note:This is not a review of the establishment.This is not about the toppings or the condiments.This is only about the Burger (meat ) itself.See, in Canada..something as exotic as alligator is not a common menu of course it had to be tried.Alligator is better known as “The Other White Meat” In searching around the web it seems most people agree that it tastes like chicken.

I didn’t think so. In fact it didn’t taste much like anything or better put it tasted like an unidentifiable fish.I was sorely disappointed as I thought I was going to devour an ‘out of this world’ burger.

I thought I was going to have a good chew and I love a good chew.The texture was soft and somewhat mushy and with every bite it was more and more unforgettable.The  ‘chicken of the swamp’, alligator burger was not as exotic as it sounds.I won’t be eating a gator burger ever again.

Have you ever ate a Gator Burger? what was your take on it?

Did ya know? Alligators are bred on farms and ranches so you can eat their meat

Here is some interesting info:

Now, let’s talk about Jef..Not only is he a self proclaimed Bon Vivant.He is also an actor,singer and MC. With his spitfire repartee and salty mouth, if he were a female he would make a quintessential Burger Broad.

If you live in Toronto you can catch him every Monday hosting an open stage for musicians and the like at The Painted Lady

Footnote: Don’t let the pictures fool you,Jef didn’t like the burger either but he did like the bun;)

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