To the Men: We salute YOU

As you may have noticed…. our blog is not only about burger findings,burger culture and burger obsession but also about women. And not just any kind of woman.Not only are we taking the ever so seriousness out of burger blogging and putting the fun loving fun back into it (because after all, we are not critics. we are lovers  just like you….lovers of burgers) but we are also on a mission to redefine what it means to be a Broad and Kids and Kam..(remember that commercial jingle?) Burgers and Broads go good together;)

However, with  Father’s Day just around the corner, regardless if you are a dad or not, we want to shout out our appreciation for the men in our lives. After all, we love our men just as much as we love our burgers….The juicier,the meatier,the thicker the better;)

We Broads salute YOU.

It has been said “Behind every great man is a great woman”  and that may as well be very true but we also know..

Behind every Broad is a ‘Man’ (a lover, a husband, a boyfriend, a brother,a father, a grandfather, a gay man) who unconditionally loves and respects his outspoken, sassy, self-possessed and passionate women (Broads) in his life.

We salute you for being supportive and encouraging. We salute you for being a rock and a soft place to land when we need to.We salute you for having the brains to know that we are more than just a pretty face and tits and ass.

We salute you for having the balls to not be intimidated.

We salute you for embracing and relishing in the outspoken,the bold, the unrestrained, and the sassy,cheeky,bawdy and salty Broads that we can be.

It’s a special kind of Man who can and who will stand behind a Broad but we like it best when you stand beside us.

You know who you are 😉

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