The Burger Stomper-A Canadian invention!

Through the course of searching out interesting burger culture tidbits on the internet we came across a gadget called “The Burger Stomper“( a hamburger press) that guarantees a perfectly cooked (meaning keeping the juices in, cooking it evenly) and perfectly shaped burger in 5 seconds.

So, now you can say bye-bye and good riddance to frozen patties. <blech>. forever.

What a great thing to have when preparing for your backyard bbq parties! no fussing, no greasy hands, perfect burgers every time…. And it’s a 2 in 1 press with the option of regular size burgers or mini burgers.

We were excited to also learn that this burger stomper gadget was a 100% Canadian invention! O ya! and had also been on The Dragons’ Den (airing soon) so we just had to find out for ourselves if this burger gadget and their burger would deliver us into burgasm heaven.

It was a couple of weeks ago we made the mad dash by foot,transit,bicycle and car to a bright and cheery and oh so relaxed burger joint,(don’t tell them we called it a joint;) that’s just how we Broads tawk..not talk.. tawk;)

Stomper Burger -Gourmet Burgers & Milkshake Bar, on the Danforth in Toronto.

This family friendly place has lots of wood (the tables are made from an old barn) and brick for decor and it just feels like you could hang out there all day with your ipad or read a book although probably not recommended because with only being open for 6 weeks so far, they are already busy with burger fiends and repeat customers. Nick, one of the owners, told us that there was a customer who had been coming in for the past 2weeks, once he discovered the place, 3 times a day! That’s just crazy!  but what a testament!  This place seems to definitely be a welcome addition to the neighborhood of health food stores and  Greek restaurants.

Four of us Broads had 5 burgers (Better than The Other Guy,Cheese Please,The Mediterranean, Sweet Onion D and The Eggsodus PLUS Poutine and Poutine Deluxe, ( and swear it’s the best in the city) onion rings and milkshakes and not your average predictable milkshakes either.We like a sudsy cold  draft of beer with our burgers but these shakes were just as intoxicating made with real ice cream. (The Nutella Chocolate Peanut Butter Heaven,Chocolate Mint, and the Birthday Cake.) They do have plans for a patio in the near future and I hope that means that it will be licensed with a beer menu of some local craft beers.Why not!?

What a stompendous, delicious time we had with lots of laughter!!. and although we had all that food mentioned above, we still..well, sorta, had room for the Pièce de résistance, The Secret Stomp. This is a burger that adorable chef/owner John  experiments with his creativity delivering a  burger each week with toppings that aren’t on the menu and boy was ours FUN with a Capital F! with an  ooey gooey surprise which you will see in the video.

Enjoy the slideshow! There’s lots of pics here, with burger beauty shots in the mix, taken by one of our own Burger Broads @circusjo aka “capturedbysugar”

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

…and then join us while we eat, get loud, get sassy, get messy and interview the Owners and Inventor of  The Burger Stomper

P.S..just so ya know they also have sliders and a lone Big Dog and for those of you who prefer, you can ask for a gluten free bun.

P.S.S.  If you want your very own Burger Stomper you’ll just have to go in person to buy one as they aren’t readily available,YET! or you can get it here online at Amazon

Munch on, Lovers! Go and get yourself Stompified!

Remember, just like you, we are Lovers.

We are not burger critics.We are burger lovers!

*It’s better to be a Lover*

In Burgers We Trust,

Ms.D-Madame of The BroadHouse

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