Meet the Man behind the Meat-Peter Sanagan

We came across Peter Sanagan at the first ever Burger Day held in Toronto at Wychwood Barns back in June.He was the guest expert speaker on how to choose and cook your meat when it comes to making a home made burger.

When you think of what a butcher looks like and/or acts like Peter is not your typical butcher.He is soft-spoken,well-spoken and is also quite the writer/blogger.Whether in his writing or when he speaks his unabashed farm boy charm shines through.The day we met up with him at his home away from home there was jazz music playing in the background of  his cozy 400 square foot store while he and his other 4 butchers (employees) were tenderly preparing up the day’s meats.

Just shy of the age of 40 years he has been a chef,a teacher and worked in some of Toronto’s best kitchens. After seeing a ‘for sale’ sign on an historical butcher shop in Kensington Market, Peter dived in and has been the owner/operator of what has become known to loyal customers as Sanagan’s Meat Locker, since 2009.

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With coffee in hand we went outside to chat with Peter, a champion and supporter of small farms within Ontario, and sustainability.

Come inside and meet the man behind the meat(your local butcher) whom we Broads endearingly call ‘The Intellectual Butcher’. This is Part 1.

Then watch Part 2 where Peter talks about how to detect organic meat,trust and branding,and his plans for a move to a bigger space which will still be in Kensington Market.(end of July) He also tells us what he thinks is the best choice of meat and percentage of fat content that makes up a delicious home made burger.

Note: if your attention span is shorter than 5 minutes then we suggest you move along.We aren’t here to give you quick and dirty soundbites.This is an interview. not a commercial.meow.

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