a moment of Silence,please

We recently found out one of the best burger joints in the city (Toronto) closed its doors:(

The GrindHouse Burger Bar on King St. near Spadina.

Rumor has it you have closed your doors..is it true?

Damn, they had one of the best in the city.

We were lucky enough to get to showcase them last year when we were first starting out. GrindHouse  brothers Rob and Tim Pettigrew, and Mark Matusiak  owners/chefs  prided themselves on having all their menu items made in house and free of refined sugars and preservatives.The burger meat was ground on the premises,naturally raised and hormone, antibiotic and GMO free.They also prided themselves on catering to those who were gluten intolerant. And if that wasn’t enough, going above and beyond they also made their own condiments and toppings that you could also buy a few jars to take home with you.

It wasn’t a typical burger joint.With a stage,sound system and lighting,the place was also home to many aspiring karaoke stars and comedians.

So let’s backtrack a bit.

It was the early summer of 2011 when I wrangled up 4 Broads who brought their sassy selves and healthy appetites to The GrindHouse. The *Burger Broads* were new on the scene and they were our 3rd place to showcase. In good faith I had hired a videographer/editor to do his magic.The shoot went well, the burgers were amazing and Rob was charming, gracious, passionate and funny.The camera loved him!

However, 1 month went by, then 2 , then 5 and I still wasn’t able to acquire the finished copy of the video.When push came to shove it turned out he hadn’t even begun editing so I asked for the footage and i would do it myself. Well, he sent the footage but whatever format he used I couldn’t see it.It was a lost cause. I still had photos albeit not that many.For some reason the photographer was selective about what photos he gave me.

The lost cause ended up being a valuable learning lesson.I no longer source out and trust people I don’t know.The filming is now done by myself or husband and the photos are taken by either by my husband, one of our own Broads, CircusJo and or/a close friend. And it’s been working out great.

The turn around and delivery is much quicker and I’m also becoming a better director and editor..although editing isn’t my forte, it is fun and makes me crazy when I’m in the throes of it..

There is no better way to learn than by just doing it.

It turned out the videographer was of the shady sort and months later when i was contacted by the police to find out what my relationship was with him, I found out I wasn’t the only one  part of a bigger scam and that he had also been to court for an alleged shooting. OY!  I am usually persistent until I get what I want but this time around I am glad I dropped the ball 5 months later and let it go.

We don’t want and don’t need that kind of bullshit around here!

One afternoon earlier this Spring, I met up with  editor, KJ Mullins of News4U.net after a conversation on twitter about the top 5 burgers in Toronto.We decided but of course to hash it out over a burger at GrindHouse with but of course GrindHouse being on the list.After much deliberation we came to the decision and then I pinned her with a button and made her an honorary Burger Broad.

Afterwards, I met with Rob and told him what had gone down and he was more than happy to let us come and do it again.. except, well it didn’t happen.Through the course of figuring out a date and waiting for a reply we found out that they had closed their doors.

So here it is.. a shout out to a great burger and a great joint that will be sorely missed.

These are just some photos (by Steve Oakley) of days gone by, burgers loved and Burgasms had.

In Burgers We Trust,

Ms.D-Madame of The BroadHouse

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2 comments on “a moment of Silence,please

  1. OMG! What a shame! “Steve Oakley,” your Grindhouse burger still photographer (not wanted by the police as far as i know). What a bummer. Went back there several times after tasting the free one that was the wages for my brilliant photography!
    I think the location was against them. Too many restaurants. Probably high rent. They should set up in a nice neighbourhood like Bloor and Spadina or in the Junction.
    Keep up the good work broads and call me sometime!

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