Come see what we’ve been up to and then some…

While I prepare for the next two blog posts I thought you might enjoy

An overview of everything we have been up to lately…

in real time

We are looking forward to sharing what we’ve learned and our pictures and videos from our big day we spent at Landman Gardens ( a 3 generation family run farm ) and Windy Fields Farms, one of our Lover of Broads, where we had a tour of their gardens and their specialty mushrooms and then treated to a burger barbecue:)

You may ask, What does this have to do with burgers?

We believe not only is it important what goes IN the burger but also what goes ON it.

We also think it’s important to know where your food comes from and to get to know your local farmer.

and THAT we did:)

we Find.we Eat.we Share.





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