*Broads Behind the Burgers* pt.5

On request from a  few of our  facebook fans  who wanted to know who some of  the Burger Broads were they had been seeing in previous burger eating videos I thought it time to do a little showcase and give them each  a spotlight about who each of them are when they are Not eating a burger.

Afterall, this burger eating business is more than just about burgers;)

These Broads are talented,creative,funny,smart,witty and definitely not camera shy but definitely raw.organic.fresh and messy.They love the skin they’re  in. They are not Babes. They are not Barbies. They are Broads. Broads with a healthy sense of humor who can  be free, sassy,cheeky,bawdy ..even cheesy;) and they like to EAT! and did I mention? They love Burgers and everything about Burgers.

Welcome to the fifth showcase feature in our Monthly Sunday Series of


Signed,Ms D-Madame of The BroadHouse

Meet Zane

When this smart, sassy, fun- loving belching burger broad is not munching on burgers she can be found..or not found.. working  for The Federal Government. She swears she’s not a spy even though she is fluent in three languages. By night she is a Karaoke Queen and MC and she always makes time for Lollapalooza. She changes her hair color often and is quite the chameleon when it comes to the latest fashions. Do you think this Broad has a tattoo? Ask her.

She is our belching Burger Broad and she’s very adorable when she burps.

You can see her in The Patty Shack, Holy Chuck Burgers, and the CNE-Krispy Kreme video.

Follow her on Twitter @ZaniZanyZane

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