Would you?

After happening upon a vegetarian food festival that was serving up 10,000 free ‘meatless meat’ burgers, a few weeks ago we asked our facebook friends

“Would you eat a burger that tasted like meat but wasn’t meat?”

This is what some people had to say.

Add your comments too.We would love to hear what you think.

……and here’s a good read by blogger Skinny Girls & Mayonnaise “The Ethics of Eating Meat”

One comment on “Would you?

  1. Hope I’m not too late to chime in….
    Sure the taste is important but the ingredients are crucial….is it food or not….and by food I mean less processed than processed, less corrupted while growing (GMO etc), and as close to nature as possible. These fake meats helped me to transition my diet to one of whole foods and no animal ….but if the ingredients are questionable then you could be hurting your body. Ultimately i think the direction to aim for is a whole food, fruit, vegetable, sprouted grain diet – and that is far from boring when you really get into it….trust me!!! After a transition period (which can be tough) your body will be healthier, it will work optimally, and you will have more energy and great sleep. In our fast food world and because socializing is so important – I like to know that I can grab a veggie burger out there…sometimes – if there are actual vegetables in it….bonus…..but that’s not what I eat at home or serve my kids.

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