Windy Fields & Shrooms!

As much as we love burgers we also love what goes ON the burger between the buns.

When it comes to condiments and  toppings they are equally important to us as to what is IN the burger patty…so instead of interviewing/showcasing another burger joint we thought we’d take a break and do something a little different around here.

A few weeks ago Burger Broad Jo and myself put a little gravel in our travel and took a road trip to Grand Valley,Ontario,Canada to meet some local farmers,spending the day with Julie and Ralph from Windy Field Farms.

Being able to spend the day on a farm and learn in depth about agriculture and the food we city folk eat, the food the farmers grow, well let’s just say our respect and appreciation for farmers grew ten fold and shot through the roof!

Julie and Ralph Baumlisberger are farmers of non GMO corn, heirloom vegetables and mushrooms  (Blue Oyster, Shiitake and Cinnamon Caps)

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They lead very busy lives and I was very grateful that they took the time to show us around and even have a homemade burger bbq for us!

The burgers were made of locally grown Grand Valley Beef, garlic,green onion, lovage and a sweet surprise,apple!

When the Baumlisberger’s aren’t sowing, planting, re-planting or harvesting the gardens or picking mushrooms they make the time to share their knowledge of food and agriculture through their blog and facebook where you can learn about mushrooms,find lots of recipes, health information,updates about farmers’ markets and learn about  eating locally and in season.

Ralph is a past Chairman for the Dufferin Grain Farmers Association and The Ontario Growers Association and also takes the time to speak at events about the state of agriculture today.

So come along with us and meet Julie and Ralph

and then get your shroom fix;)

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