Portobello and nothin’ but.WOW!

Today, I met up with a good friend and local author/poet Dale Percy for lunch at a neighbourhood haunt in the Queen St East area called The Dominion on Queen.This place is known for comedy nights and great local jazz and blues music and also supports local artists with their paintings/photographs on the wall.

It’s been awhile since I mowed down a burger,(Saturday to be exact) so of course I had one.HA!

This burger was to be my breakfast and lunch.

The cool thing was that “The Portobello Burger Stack” was the only burger on the lunch menu.

Perfect. After all it is Meatless Monday:)<see previous post)

When it arrived at the table I didn’t know how to eat it. Did it warrant a knife and fork?

But it’s a burger! Burgers are meant to eat with your hands!

….and THAT I did. This burger was no ordinary Portobello mushroom burger. The meaty mushrooms served as the buns and in between were grilled peppers, zucchini and eggplant held all in place with the tasty help of wasabi mayo.

It wasn’t too messy but messy enough that I had to keep licking my fingers. Just the way i like it:)

It might not look pretty but you know better than to judge a book,or in this case, A BURGER, by it’s cover.

Wasabi mayo on top. Oy!

Halfway there.

All gone.<Insert Belch here>

What did you have for breakfast/lunch today?

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