WANTED: 2 Burger Eating Males

WANTED: 2 Burger eating Boys from Toronto or the GTA
August 26th for a special vidisode. *Burger Boys’n’Boxers*

If you are MALE and love burgers this could be your chance to hang with a couple *Burger Broads* and eat a burger with them on the beach!!

The only catch is You wear the *Burger Broads* boxer shorts and nothing else.
This will be filmed.It’s what we do!

You will also need to sign a waiver.
Besides eating a free burger the boxer shorts (black) are yours to keep.. cuz’ what
would we do with them after?

If you are a food blogger,musician,actor,comedian or just a fun lovin’ guy who wants some exposure, this is your chance!
All sizes and all ages (18+yrs) are welcome to apply

Send us a picture and/or weblinks and short bio to burgerbroads(at)gmail.com.

You will be on the beach eating burgers with Burger Broad Sharon and Burger Broad Candy.
Don’t know who they are? you can see them here in this video.

Follow us!

feel free to pass this on to those who may be interested. The gig is THIS Sunday!
Munch on Lovers!

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