A Fire Wing Challenge.my butt hurts.

Yesterday, I went on a double blogger blog date with new friend and a Lover of Broads,Oshawa Ogre to the CNE in Toronto. It was an early start to my day getting up at 7am to be there for 8:30(I despise waking up to an alarm clock) and man,was I tired. When the CNE comes around every year you know summer is coming to an end but also this time of year the ragweed knocks me out! and for some reason the Reactine allergy pills aren’t doing their job like they used to.That’s all besides the point.

Oshawa Ogre (<see his blogpost about the day)  invited me to tag along with him to visit Hank Daddy’s BBQ food truck famous for their pulled pork parfait because Eat Street was there filming a segment about them. Of course I would go! Of course I would wear my Burger Broads t-shirt and bring  business cards. ya never know!

But it gets better. Hank Daddy’s does a Fire Wing challenge that few have done and lived to tell the tale.Maybe.Maybe only a handful of people have completed the challenge only to win a t-shirt and bragging rights. And as Frank..the owner of Hank Daddy’s, told me, once..only once did a female succeed.

I was up for the challenge! ha! I was nervous, actually, I was terrified and almost ready to chicken out. No pun intended. But then”In the name of free publicity and making blog content” such as this post, I just had to do it. Seriously? How freakin’ HOT could they be? I love spicy food. I love it when my eyebrows sweat.
This challenge was also part of the Eat Street filming. So, being an opportunist for free publicity I of course volunteered to take the Fire Wing Challenge.How HOT could they be? really? The deal was you had to eat 10 wings in 15 minutes without any kind of beverage,no bathroom breaks, no napkins and you had to wear latex gloves (for your own safety) and you had to sign a waiver. Just knowing all this I was already sweating.But i was game.

There were 3 of us sitting at a table with our individual wing order in front of us. I was the only female:) A throng of onlookers cheered us on as we picked up the first wing and put it into our mouth although I’m not sure if they were cheering in disgust or support.

That first bite was a rude awakening.The second bite of that first wing was not so bad.By the last bite my mouth,my body was acclimatizing but it was F*&#ing HOT! I was pretty sure it couldn’t get any hotter than that. I then went for the second wing. My pal,Oshawa Ogre, on his second wing, already his hands were shaking and was so red in the face i thought he was going to burst. 3 minutes into the challenge,the guy across from me also on his second wing seemed still cool about it all but then again he had a beard to absorb some of the heat from his face.My second wing was the end for me. Not only were my eyebrows sweating but I was crying from the inside out.Tears were rolling down my face and i was beginning to feel lightheaded. I took my time..did a lot of deep breathing and remembered to keep my cool by laughing my way through it.

Now,I’ve done some fun recreational drugs in my past youth and know what it means to have a body wave or head rush but this was NOT THAT. I felt like i was going to pass out….and I know what that feels like… and truth be told I didn’t want to pass out in front of strangers or worse yet, on t.v.

2 out of 10 wings..that’s it. I couldn’t do any more. Even though they were so f&*#ing HOT believe it or not, they were flavorful. Sometimes when you eat hot stuff that’s all it is.Hot. These wings,regardless of the infernal fire heat, had lots of flavor.It made you want to keep eating them..but you just…can’t.

So, I didn’t win a t-shirt or get bragging rights but i was the last one to ‘tap out’  and  Frank did give me a bottle of his bbq sauce for being a good sport.

If luck will have it I won’t end up on the cutting room floor and be a pseudo celeb blogger on Eat Street.

12 hours later, I’m still visiting the loo. gotta go now. again!

From here on in, I think I’ll just stick to burgers!


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