Frozen Burger bbq.ugh turns into yum.

Ok.. so you know how we feel about frozen burger meat patties around here. We despise them.Why eat store bought frozen burger patties when it’s just as easy and more delicious and nutritious to make your own from scratch ..and fresh?

My neighbour invited me over for a few burgers. Burgers you say?! of course! I’ll be right over!

At first I was horrified especially considering that they know who I am,what I do and what I stand for;)

It was only when I was already halfway through the monster that I was told it was a frozen burger patty. What?! THAT can’t be so! It tasted too good to have started off frozen. I then learned that it was PC Thick & Juicy Prime Rib Burgers avec roast beef au jus. I was impressed. However, upon reading the box it said “made with 75% prime rib

What was the other 25% made of then?

It doesn’t tell you so you just have to use your imagination and hope for the best.

          Regardless, there’s nothing better than sharing a love of a burger with a fellow burger lover.

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One comment on “Frozen Burger bbq.ugh turns into yum.

  1. omg!!! ur blog on bugers is amazing….when i read about the prime rib and the 25% of not knowing what it is, i thought of something gross! pictures look great.

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