The Food Cabbie-Food Truck

YAY!  we found a food truck in Toronto that does authentic American burgers.Last weekend we took a road trip to Markham to catch up with Food Cabbie where they were dispatched to a hockey festival.

Burgers,Broads and NHL hockey players! When they weren’t busy signing autographs they were inside the arena coaching, giving tips and slapping sticks with hundreds of hockey enthusiasts but we did manage to get a photo taken with them.

The guy you see wearing the Burger Broads t-shirt was our special guest and Broad Boy,Jay. Every once in awhile we like to throw a guy into the mix and see what happens:) He was thrilled to meet the players, especially Steve Stamkos. The other players in attendance were Michael del Zotto,Brandon Gaunce,Cameron Gaunce  and Cody Hedgson. Maybe one day we will be able to sit down with them and share a burger on video!

Ok.. Back to the Food Cabbie. Our first food truck! Doing a food truck was challenging.The space is small and the truck is noisy due to the generator but we managed and it all worked out.

Toronto’s food truck business has flourished over this past summer. It seems there’s a new one on the streets every other weekend.The Food Cabbie has been in business for one year and we wanted to find out why the gypsy lifestyle was so appealing to Spiros, a chef by trade.

Originally from the U.S (Napa Valley,California) he has owned a couple restaurants before.One being Chicago Pizza Kitchen and the other Spiros-Steak and Seafood. First of all, we wanted to know why he came to Canada!?

Love, baby,Love! He met his now wife,Helen, through mutual friends and well, as he proves, ya gotta go where the heart leads.It’s a match made in food heaven. Helen grew up in the restaurant business where her family owns a beach bar in Kalamata,Greece and upon arriving they instantly welcomed us like family.

Together, they have made Food Cabbie a Toronto favorite on the food truck scene.They like moving around,meeting all kinds of people and sharing their love of food,in this case particularly authentic American fare.Every day is different and they can adjust the menu according to the event.Having a food truck also means that they can be dispatched anywhere.They do a lot of corporate parties and even street festivals so consider yourself lucky if you happen to see them in the downtown city core.

This particular day, for us, they served up The Patty Melt,The Cal-Mex  and The L.A Tommy Burger.

The Patty Melt

The all beef,freshly ground meat was WOW! Never tasted anything like it before.It was unadulterated with only salt and pepper for seasoning and it had a good chew.Sometimes when meat is ground it is too soft, too mushy.Some like it like that but I like texture! The cool thing about these too was that it was 2 patties layered,not on top of each other but more like overlapped.

                                                            The Cal-Mex Cheeseburger sans cheese

The L.A Tommy Burger

After we mowed down we wanted to have some fun with our special guest Broad Boy,Jay.

He was a good sport..just the way we like em;)So come inside and meet Spiros,watch Burger Broads KJ and Susan and Broad Boy Jay eat and find out if they liked their burger.Find out too if Jay got dunked.

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