Burger Bitch in the Kitchen

Catchy Blog title huh;)?

Just some tongue in cheek humor to begin this blog post with.

So, my man is in a band called Simple Damned Device and every week the boys get together and rehearse in their small and stinky rehearsal room in the basement,or when it’s summer ,they will sing,write and acoustically entertain the neighborhood from the front porch.

This particular night I was begged to make the boys some home made burgers. Of course I would. I’m a Burger Broad! And of course I would take pictures,take notes and make a typical blog post out of it because whenever there is a burger nearby I take the opportunity to capture it in all its glory and its various forms.

I like to be creative and am not one to follow recipes much (Hope Julia Childs isn’t rolling over in her grave right now) Click on this for a fun video…so with that I poured myself a glass of red wine and began the preparation.

What did I feel like mixing into the meat? Would I keep it simple or go for some huge flavor?

I looked in the fridge at all the sauces and condiments that somehow take over and multiply.

I decided on Hank Daddy’s Barbecue Sauce,the almost empty Horn Dawg’s BBQ sauce ( I use this one a lot when making potato salad and it’s also an award winning sauce from one of our Burger Broads,Donna Darling),Chili Garlic Sauce ( I put this stuff on practically everything I eat.It’s better than Frank’s Hot Sauce or straight up Tabasco),Some Sea Salt and Rainbow Pepper and just for good measure Mayonnaise.Not Whipped Dressing.Real Mayonnaise.Yes, it was the store brand and Not Hellman’s but I ran out of Hellman’s ..love Hellman’s! and this is what was in the fridge.

Besides,to be honest,they really do taste the same.

After making the patties with 2lbs of  fresh ground beef I found out that time was of the essence as one of the band mates had to split early due to another commitment of sorts.

No Problem! I’ll just put the plate into the freezer to help them solidify quicker

hmmmm..they don’t look so good

while I prepare the toppings and lay out the condiments.Heinz Ketchup and Yellow Mustard and Dijon (isn’t it great to have choices?!) and some sliced Bicks cuz’ I know how much boys like their pickles;)

20 minutes should be enough time, right? Great!  that’s enough time for another glass of wine and take a break and listen to the boys play.

I love having live music in the house:)

Kevin Bell and Lawrence Bayne

Out of nowhere, the weather turned.The sun had just gone down and now the sky was rolling with thick, dirty black clouds.And then a deluge transpired. Ok, so maybe not quite a deluge but it was a pretty freakin’ big fat rain drops kind of rainfall and thunderstorm that lasted for 45minutes.

My man being the BoyScout he once was and will always be set up the bbq in the garage and grilled them pretty much in the dark albeit his bike miner headlight guiding the way.

Everything was going great and in no time at all we would all be munching on MY proudly made home made burgers.

Except… my burgers were turning into mush and falling through the grill. OY!

A little embarrassing if I say so myself but my man managed to save most of them and transferred what was left into a frying pan back on the stove in the kitchen, added a tin of diced tomatoes

and VOILA! we now had the tastiest sloppy joe’s to have ever been eaten!!

Much tastier than it looks!

Dave South, the bass player somehow managed to still make a burger out of it with the PC Thins for buns.Bless his heart. I shall name the recipe “Simple Damned Burgers” 😉

That’s Frank Sinatra in the background doing a photobomb.(sorta)

So,what is the lesson here? none.just go with the flow.have fun. laugh and take lots of pictures along the way:)

But seriously, what went wrong? perhaps I mixed in too much mayonnaise? Probably.

or maybe I mauled the meat too much. Or both?

Signed,Ms.D -Madame of The BroadHouse

(aka: Burger Bitch in the Kitchen)

One comment on “Burger Bitch in the Kitchen

  1. yes, probably too much mayo….but hey, sounds like everyone enjoyed the “new” dish 🙂 “Necessity is the Mother of invention” 😉

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