In the Name of *National Cheeseburger Day*-Part 2

ok.. so last I left you  a few hours ago I was going down for a nap after a glass of wine to wash that frozen patty burger taste out of my mouth.(see previous post)The Room Service lady (Barb) came by and asked me what I thought of the burger.I told her pretty much in a nutshell what I thought.

Once I told her who I was and what I do she told me about a  burger place up the road that I must check out. Ok.I would go out afterall, in fact I must. Surely,there had to be a burger joint to redeem the city of Sudbury.I got dressed and made the 15 minute hike up the hill north of where I am staying into the Flour Mill neighbourhood where The Silver Bullet has been parked for about 27yrs. ‘A landmark eatery’ that has been in the Proust family for about 25yrs.

When  I arrived 2 young  girls were behind the counter manning the grills,one of them,Natalie (on the left) being the niece of Dan Proust and granddaughter to Armand.

Natalie and Jenny

Of course, i ordered a Cheeseburger! It’s National Cheeseburger Day. This would make it my second one of the day but as far as I was concerned,the first one didn’t count.

I kept it simple.Ketchup,mustard and onion.Jenny wrapped my burger while I paid  ( almost $6) and   then with delight headed back to the hotel savoring and enjoying the burger as I walked.The bun was super soft fresh and the meat juicy but not greasy.It was simply a delicious little burger with not a lot of spices but just enough to compliment the freshly ground 100% beef.

Just a good ol’ fashion burger.nothing fancy. Sudbury residents are lucky to have them.

I’m sure if  I were to stay a couple of more days I would make friends with some friendly people of Sudbury who  would gladly tell me of a few more places but we go home tomorrow morning.

2 Burgers in one day.  I am burgered out and will be taking a burger break for the next couple of weeks.

Thanks Sudbury. It’s been a blast.


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