In the Name of *National Cheeseburger Day*-Sudbury,Ontario- Burger Search

Today is National Cheeseburger Day! Celebrating  in the U.S. but heck, we Canadians celebrate too! Who doesn’t love a cheeseburger?!  I don’t eat them all the time but since today is NCD, well ….

Except… I am in Subury,Ontario.

The home of The Big Nickel which oddly enough is not made of nickel.

We flew via Porter absolute favorite airline.I love flying out of the City Centre Island’s very convenient and hassle free unlike that other Toronto Airport.The crew, the staff, the flight attendants always make the journey stress -free and relaxed.The complimentary perks and snacks are very good too.

Anyways….I’ve been here for the past 2 days while my husband works on the set of a new TVO show called Hard Rock Medical to be aired in 2013. I was excited to come to a town I haven’t been to before (after all it’s only a 1hr flight  from Toronto) and of course while i would be here i would do a burger search…except,this town is dull and dreary,at least the downtown core is.Maybe it’s because it’s September?

On my walkabout yesterday,I saw lots of teenagers hanging around at the mall, on the street corners (aren’t they supposed to be in school?) and quite an elderly population too. Our hotel is right beside 3 senior residences and of course French and English churches nearby.Overall,the vibe is dull and dreary.
I think i said that already.
I did find a nature path but it was strewn with garbage and met 2 lovely very friendly ladies on the path with big smiles and rotten teeth telling me not come through here in the evenings.advice taken.

I also walked the downtown area 

in search of independent establishments that have burgers on the menu.The only place I came across was a place called Gongo’s Grill famous for their breakfasts. Looking at the menu and seeing a burger listed at the price of $4.75 I was betting that it was a frozen burger and decided to pass.

Besides, it rained all last night and it is still raining.It’s cold and grey and wet and the temperature is currently  4 degrees.I didn’t come prepared for this kind of weather so today  i  have decided to stay in, stay in my pajamas and order room service via an Italian eatery called Pesto’s that is attached to the hotel.They have a  6 oz Angus burger for $9.99.on the menu!

And because it is NCD (National Cheese Day) I will ask for  + cheese =.75..

Time lapse: 20 minutes:Ordering room service.. …..

The Pesto Burger has arrived!!.

By the time tax,tip and 15% room service gratuity was added to the  bill it came to $15.

…..and after all my hunting I ended up with a frozen meat patty!!.yes it was Angus but I could tell it was once a frozen meat patty..arrrrgh!

In the name of National Cheeseburger Day I still had a couple of bites and it was REAL cheese (marbled cheddar and lots of it!) BUT now time to wash THAT burger taste out of my mouth with a glass of wine and then have a nap.

p.s I’m sure Sudbury isn’t as bad as I’ve made it out to be but as I said I am staying in the downtown core and I’m not impressed.

Maybe it’s prettier and livelier in the summer months.I’ll never know,I doubt i will be back..unless someone can tell me where to get a real burger;)

You can see more pictures here


Find out if SUDBURY gets redeemed.

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Happy Travels, and Munch on, Lovers!

Ms.D-(Madame of The BroadHouse)

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