Broads,burgers and b&b in Bewdley,Ontario

Hello fellow burger lovers,Life Lovers and Love lovers,

Ms.D here…

We are winding down around here at The BrOadHouSe and this will be one of our last few blog posts to share with you before we hunker down and make bigger plans for next year.

We wish ( I wish) we could divulge because we (I) are (am)over the moon as to what is to come but alas  cannot.It makes me crazy! I like to share asap.

I remember the days before internet when I would write my grandma a letter telling her everything that was going on in my life and then no sooner had I put a stamp on the envelope and put it in the mailbox I would phone her and tell her everything I just wrote in the letter.

(Hi Gram!,I know you’re listening/watching:)

Gotta love instant gratification! especially in this day and age, but I am also learning and mastering the lesson of patience and not to blow my load all at once,so to speak.


Before I go on about the burger and b&b in Bewdly,Ontario let’ just say before the year is out  we are throwing a party! a fundraiser for a Vegetarian food bank.-Yes.. a Vegetarian food bank!

If you live in Toronto(GTA) mark November 22cnd on your calendar!

Details will come soon and we hope to meet you in person.Finally!

As you may or may not know,I have been pretty discreet and mysterious as to my identity since I started this blog back in Dec 2011.

I didn’t want this  project to be about me or look like it was a burger hobby blog but rather an avenue for everyone  involved who have contributed in front of the camera and behind the scenes.As I like to toot….They are a Motley Crew Collective..lucky me!….and it was just as important to me that the owners and their independent establishments Shine under One this case.. Burger Love and Burger Culture.

We have never advertised, so to speak..meaning I have  never charged money to showcase/interview. As Producer/Director it is important to me to seek out not only delicious burgers but independent establishments whom I think have a unique,interesting and  inspiring story to share as well. I have an insatiable curiosity about life and people.And I like to share.It’s what I do.


Independent operations usually can’t afford to advertise.They rely on great food, great service, 24/7 passion and word of mouth.These establishments and their owners, to me, have the most interesting and relatable stories too and most importantly, a familial face that is inevitably lost in the corporate world of fast food chains no matter how savvy their social media strategies are.

Well.. with that all being said I do hope you will continue to follow our journey at The so when the time comes and allows I can and will keep you in the loop as to our progress.

I am glad that you love what we do and who we are.

Even if you didn`t I would still do this obsession anyways:)

Your support from the very beginning means more than you know.

It makes me happy to know that you are one of us.. first most….A Lover of Life,  a Lover of Love ..and of course burgers …in all their glory;) with a great tasting  beer of your wish to wash it down with too:)

Ok.. enough of the sentimentality already!

sheesh! let’s get on with it.

The first week of September I made a roadtrip with my lover,my husband to Bewdley,Ontario on the recommendation of a recently recruited Burger Broad who owns a B&B called AyeLightHouse, a quaint country Scottish flair,3 guest room secluded spot with layered vistas of hills and dales thick with trees and Rice Lake in your view.

The house itself was built around 1845, one of the earliest homes in the Gore’s Landing area and has been featured on `A Haunting`-a t.v series. Rhonda, your Light Keeper, is full of stories and more than happy to share them with guests.

And the breakfast in the morning is to die for! muah ha ha!

The Broad even has a firetruck soon to be turned into a Chip Wagon food truck!

Of course I stayed at  the b&b! (see all the pics here) Especially after eating that gorgeous,delicious burger, she insisted i make the trip for…. a burger recipe that hasn’t changed in 25yrs! at Rhino`s RoadHouse.

Ok.. i was hooked but besides much as I was going for the burger I was eager to meet this Broad of a woman who ran the  joint.It would be my first encounter with a female proprietor because up until this point in time it had been men of independent establishments that I showcased/interviewed.

“Rhino’s legendary Rice Lake landmark” is on the North East shores of this bustling lake.It has had quite the history from rock’n’roll to folk bands back in its beginnings and  still goes strong in any season with boaters,motorbikes, atv’s,planes,helicopters and even hiking groups making it their place of destination for home cooked food..and burgers but of course.

The decor is a mishmash of old wood tables and chairs and 50’s dining sets.One of the dining areas has a grand and glorious working fireplace with a big Rhino head over the mantle where winter travellers  can also hang their wet socks and hats to dry while having a bite to eat or imbibe on the stellar bar selection.There’s a great family vibe too where the walls are full of art  and everything rhino.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Heather,the owner of Rhino’s was born in India of British decent.However, she grew up in England and left for Australia when she was 18yrs where she  lived and worked in the corporate world for 8yrs.Then,she went back to England and a couple of years later  made her way to Canada where she continued to be a top sales rep. After a few years of doing that she had had enough.She wanted to do something for herself and that’s when Rhino’s RoadHouse became her love and her baby.

Having such a large personality and a big heart isn’t always easy when you move and make home in a small town.Rumors started to fly that she had set up a bar in her living room and was also a Madame supplying girls to men who needed more than a fix for food.Time proved that it only helped the business and help put Bewdley on the map.

Couples have fallen in love there..have been married there…and then of course brought their kids there.The staff is pretty much family too.Kim, the newest waitress, has been there for 6yrs.

When I asked Heather what’s next on her journey she said that the natural progression would be to be a consultant for up and coming restaurant businesses “If it has happened in the restaurant biz,it has happened to me” but don’t be mislead, she has no intentions of letting go anytime soon.

So come inside and meet Heather and Burger Broad  Rockin`Rhonda.

As Heather says” Sooner or later,Everyone comes to Rhino’s

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