The Beet -Organic Cafe

I first discovered The Beet at Burger Day held at Wychwood Barns back in June.They were one of many burger vendors sampling their burger bites.I had the lamb burger and was smitten. I just had to do a showcase about this burger,specifically,the Organic,lamb burger! Hold on Vegetarian burger lovers because as much as we went for the lamb burger the film shoot became all about the Tofu/Veggie burger.

Veggie Burger Heaven.. I didn’t think it existed but I found it here at The Beet.

The Beet-Organic Cafe is in the slow but surely,up and and coming neighbourhood called The Junction,in Toronto, located roughly in the area of Bloor St., Dupont St., Lansdowne Ave, and Dundas St. West. The “triangle” shape of the neighbourhood is formed by the three sets of railroad tracks on the north, west, and east sides. Like any neighbourhood before becoming gentrified it has had a dubious and rough reputation. However,when artists move into a neighbourhood it is inevitable that cafe’s,art galleries  and unique,interesting restaurants open up  creating a desirable place to hang out for the locals and lures people from other parts of the city to come find out what all the buzz is about.

The Beet has been part of the neighbourhood now for almost 5yrs owned and operated by 2 women.One a Certified Nutritionist, the other a Homeopathic Doctor.

Not only is the food local, fresh and organic,the heritage building they live in used to be a TD Bank so the decor was planned  eco-consciously.

We also recruited a new Burger Broad for this showcase/interview.Helen,one of the owners of the husband and wife team of The Food Cabbie food truck.A few weeks ago we did The Food Cabbie and Helen was hooked after seeing us do our thing. She wanted to be a Burger Broad too and an amazing job she did! She was so excited, she stayed up until 4am the night before for our burger breakfast at 10:30 am researching and finding everything out she could before the shoot.So, without further ado come inside and watch The Burger Broads gush over the burgers,especially the tofu burger.

Burgers are cooked in the oven!

See more pics on facebook

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