Farewell my trusty Thermos/WaterBottle:(

I went for my usual morning walk yesterday and along the way I saw some flowery vines that i picked to take home and transplant in my garden.While I was doing that I laid my thermos/water bottle on the ground and then walked away without it.
It wasn’t until last night that I realized it was missing when I was on my way to a film class.I went back this morning hoping it would be there.. It wasn’t:( This water bottle has been with us and me since the beginning of The Burger Broads… in videos and pictures it travelled everywhere with me.It was getting scratched and dented because I used it all the time and not just for water, if you know what I mean;)
It will be sorely missed until I get around to getting another one.
Sheesh,This is almost as bad as losing a childhood favorite toy.
I hope who ever found it loves it as much as I did.
These are just some of the places my trusty bottle has come along with me.
Yours Truly,

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