Guest Post from Philadelphia!

We thought we’d do something a little different around here fellow burger lovers!

We reached out on twitter asking if someone would like to do a guest blog post and our friends from Philadelphia responded.Read on and drool!

Can’t wait to go to Philly!,


The burger club of Philadelphia was founded on a pretty simple
principle – everyone loves a burger. A burger is generally cheap and
most restaurants will offer one.  We meet the last Wednesday of the
month at a different spot in Philly famous for burgers.

We have no dues or rules, just fun. We eat, we rate, we eat some more.

Ms.D of The BroadHouse and I thought it would be fun and  informative to
exchange a blog post of our top three burgers in our respective cities.

If any of you are heading to Philadelphia for business or
pleasure, shoot us a line – we’d love to show you around!

Otherwise this list should at least point you in the right direction.

The Royal Tavern
937 East Passyunk Avenue  Philadelphia, PA 19147

Photo by Kit Farman (

The Royal Tavern is a little neighborhood spot in South Philly. They
serve upscale pub grub with many excellent vegetarian dishes. Many
Philly restaurants are converted row homes, the Royal is one of them.
The restaurant is long and narrow with a nice little bar, a few tables
and dim lighting that is both comforting and forgiving. The Royal
burger is nothing to take lightly. It has bacon, caramelized onions,
smokes gouda, peppers and a house made chile mayo. This is a tall
burger with some serious flavor. If you want a burger and experience
that is unapologetically Philly – go straight to the Royal.

Sketch Burger
413 East Girard Avenue  Philadelphia, PA 19125Photo by Nicholas Chen (

This burger joint (and it is in all facets of the term a true “burger
joint” – you’ll know what I mean when you visit) flew under my radar
for far too long. It’s in the Northern Liberties section of the city
and if you’re visiting Philly you probably won’t find yourself in this
section unless you’re going with a specific purpose. The restaurant
itself is very laid back, maybe too much so. The atmosphere is almost
not worthy of the burgers they serve, it’s best described as a
take-out restaurant with tables. The walls are covered with sketches
(get it??) of burgers that patrons have drawn. The burgers are
fantastic. They’re juicy, well-seasoned and they have amazing
toppings. Sketch offers regular beef patties, kobe beef, turkey
burgers and vegan bean patties. The special burgers are the smashed
onion, Cyclops burger (bacon & egg), and the truffle butter burger.
All are amazing and under $9.

Smokin Betty’s
116 South 11th Street  Philadelphia, PA 19107Photo by Kit Farman (

Smokin Betty’s is a really nice comfort food restaurant located in
Center City. Smokin Betty’s is a very large restaurant for being in
the middle of the city. They have two floors (and two bars!) with lots
of space to stretch out and relax. They host a lot of events and happy
hours throughout the year and is a great place to go with a big group
(just call ahead, they’re very accommodating). The staff is quite
friendly and will break their backs to make you feel at home. Their
burgers are Five options – the Betty’s burger,
tur-duck-en, angus, turkey and veggie burger! All of them are truly
amazing. The tur-duck-en is decadent and tastes like a true American
Thanksgiving dinner.  The veggie burger is hearty and an amazing
option for a vegetarian (or not, it’s that good!). In my mind though,
nothing compares to the Betty’s Burger. This thing is HUGE. They serve
it with a giant steak knife through the middle. It has sirloin, confit
pork belly, avocado, cheddar, lettuce, tomato, roasted garlic aioli &
runny sunny side up egg. This burger is the burger to end all burgers.
You won’t be hungry for a week after eating this thing.

Well I hope this has given you some good burger options if you happen
to be in the Philly area. As I said before, members from the burger
club would be more than willing to enjoy a few drinks and a burger
with you if you’re in town and want to meet some locals.

Burger on Toronto!

~ Steph (President of the Burger Club of Philadelphia)

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