Happy Holidays!

Here’s to an incredible,fun and delicious year.Thank-you for being a  burger lover whether you are meatatarian or a vegeatarian.. a burger is a burger! and it tickles me to know that you also love Broads.They are more than babes or barbies.

Next year is a whole new journey.It will be nothing like you have been seeing so far. Because you are following this blog you will be the first to know when it comes time to splatter the ketchup.

On another note as you may have noticed we do things a little different around here.No advertising per say but we do make a home for those who want to be associated with the likes of us.Every once in awhile I put it out there to invite others to have their website banner on our site.

Now until Dec 20th for $25  FOREVER you can have your website banner in our *Lovers of Broads* page hotlinked back to your site where I regularly shout out to twitter and facebook to come meet them….and maybe you? $25 Forever? Yes.FOREVER!

Click the  button to get started.paypalbutt

Then send me an email (burgerbroads (at) gmail.com

with your banner /website and pronto it will be done.

Happy Holidays! and a Happy New Year! full of possibilities and opportunities to you and your loved ones.
See you on the other side!


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