2013 BINGO!

Welcome to 2013!

I don’t make resolutions  but one of my New Years traditions,well the only one, is to jump off of a chair at midnite to signify jumping INTO the New Year chairjumping

………and What  a crazy, freakin’ first couple of weeks it has been!!!.

I don’t know about you but is it summer yet?!

New Years day my significant other collapsed in the kitchen due to an unsuspecting kidney infection.It left his leg numb,cold and without any motor skills.We went to the ER where we sat for nearly 12 hrs while the handful of doctors on duty asked a million questions and poked and prodded and took tests before he was finally admitted to a room where he stayed for 4 days.

Turns out he had Rhabdomyolysis. He’s home now and back to being his Self  but f*ck was it stressful and downright sobering.We just adopted a 12 yr old dog from the Humane Society 3 days before Christmas and now I was left to do the dog walking and household duties on top of coming down with a wicked  cold that went back and forth between my head and chest AND I was on my period.Good times! HA! Needless to say, Life has to go on so I had been popping flu/cold pills and Nyquil to get through it all.And this is why I am writing this blog post. That medication makes for  some very vivid if not strange dreams.

I had this dream about 3 days ago now but cannot get it out of my head.

I dreamt that I was  a Bingo Caller wearing a beautiful fox fur coat at a Bingo  Hall.

Calling out numbers…B5.B12.B22.I8..and then a skinny Barbie of a woman in the crowd yells hysterically BINGO! BINGO! BINGO! but she was screaming like it was a life and death matter more than about being a winner…..And you know what her prize was? yup.You guessed it.Burgers. 5 platters of mini burgers were delivered to her right there at her table and she ate every single one of them while other people looked on in disgust and awe while others were cheering her on. When i woke up I went online to search out what the hell that dream meant to me cuz’ I like to interpret my dreams:)

I typed in Fox Fur and Bingo (first,I must clarify, I don’t own or wear a fur coat and I don’t play bingo)  and the first thing that popped up was this online Bingo site called Foxy Bingo out of the UK where there is this mascot (fox) wearing a purple velvet suit on the front page.HILARIOUS! but What am I to make of this dear reader?

I would love your take on my dream and what it means.

Or should I chalk it up to the medication?

Well, On that note May Your dreams for the New Year become a reality.

May 2013 be full of opportunity,abundance and adventure and of course, Health:) and May it be A Bingo! of a Year.

In the coming weeks I will be sharing with you my journey the next steps what I have in store for this idea called *Burger Broads*.

Thanks for riding the bus with me:)

Stay Hungry!


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