*Broads behind the Burgers* pt.10

On request from a  few of our  facebook fans  who wanted to know who some of  the Burger Broads were they had been seeing in previous burger eating videos I thought it time to do a little showcase and give them each  a spotlight about who each of them are when they are Not eating a burger.

Afterall, this burger eating business is more than just about burgers;)

These Broads are talented,creative,funny,smart,witty and definitely not camera shy but definitely raw.organic.fresh and messy.They love the skin they’re  in. They are not Babes. They are not Barbies. They are Broads. Broads with a healthy sense of humor who can  be free, sassy,cheeky,bawdy ..even cheesy;) and they like to EAT! and did I mention? They love Burgers and everything about Burgers.

Welcome to the tenth showcase feature in our Monthly Sunday Series of


Signed,Ms D-Madame of The BroadHouse

Meet Nicole Dean-Burger Fiend

She  is  wry, dry and witty and  a one woman show waiting to happen.She writes, sings and plays the guitar too.

The Winner of the Mother’s Day 2011 Burger Broads T-shirt contest. We bent the rules when it came to the contest rules because We loved her story so much,so much that we decided to  make her a Burger Broad too. This was her submission.

“Good afternoon lovely ladies of Burgerland!

I am writing to you after just consuming my very own delicious, home made hamburger. It was nothing fancy, just a solid quarter pounder with some carmelized onions, tomato, lettuce topped with Jalapeno havarti. I like simple burgers from time to time you know? Like mom used to make on hot summer days. My girlfriend rather enjoyed it but between you and I, I’m excited to make it better the next time we make burgs (which, who’s kidding who? Will be tomorrow..)

Ahhh, burgers. I would consider a good burger to me my one true love. If I were a cartoon character I’d definitely be Jughead Jones because they are literally on my mind, ALL THE TIME. I like em all shapes and sizes, fat and sassy too! Well, as you know my name is Nicole and I’ve just come back to the city for the second time round, from my home province of New Brunswick. I come from a long line of burger loving lumberjacks and have been on the search for my perfect burg ever since I realized there IS life outside of a canteen truck that parks outside the rink during hockey games. See, burgers have always been there for me when times were rough. All those times I never picked up at the bar and who was there waiting for me at last call? A burger. You’re really hungry & on your way to a Bea Arthur impersonation contest, but you forgot your lunch! You’re starving but you’re already wearing the wig and rouge and you need something tasty and FAST: A burger. Last summer, I almost got arrested for passing out on someone’s front lawn because of a kareoke night that got away from me. When I was hanging my head in shame the next morning, wondering if anyone still loved me, you know who did? A burger.

When I left Fredericton last month, we had a going away party. Nothing fancy, just me in my banana suit and beers all around. My roomie knew how much I was going to miss our post hangover burger runs and how much they really mean to me, so she secretly started collecting money from everyone at the party, snuck away with some other party goers (I didn’t even notice) and came back with that glorious platter, consisting of 48 bacon cheeseburgers from McDonald’s. Now, I understand you don’t review chains and I think that’s great, and I would also like to point out that McDick’s is my least favorite choice if I were to make a fast food run, HOWEVER, no one can really deny a giant pyramid of burgs being waved in front of your face especially when your room mate knows you don’t really like McDonald’s, but had to go quantity over quality and THAT my friends, is why she made a separate trip to a Burger King and put a Whopper Jr on top, just for me. Gosh, I must’ve eaten at least 10 burgers that day. You see, before the party we went to a gourmet Burger place in Fredericton called Relish. (I’ll send you a link cause you should check it out even though it’s far. Wonderful wonderful expressions of burgers!) I tried a gourmet turkey patty with goat cheese, guacomole, a little pesto and their signature beet relish. Divine.

SO! To answer your question, that day I consumed 11 burgers. And you know what? I woke up the next day, realized I had hoarded 4 burgs in a drawer in the fridge, and I heated them up and ate those too!

I want to be a Burger Broad. I can send you more pictures of burgers and me eating them or whatever you want really. I could talk about Burgers all day and I love to write about them too. I’m an aspiring singer songwriter of the comedy variety and I currently don’t have a real job so anything you need help with or simply would like to chat about burgers, I’m down.

Thanks for taking the time to read this! I love what you’re doing for women out there. WOMEN LOVE BURGERS TOO. (And we’re probably better at making them so SUCK ITTT)


Nicole Banana Suit Dean

the picture of the long line of hamburgers, is from the young 18 year old who rang the order in. Everyone was in such excitement because no one had ever made that many, ALL AT ONCE! hahahah They asked him to take a picture then tag me in it so I could see it. What a great gift!

Relish —- check it out! Relish Me.ca “

You can see her in Woody’s and Paupers Pub video.

She has also contributed to this blog a couple of times.

A Glimpse into the Life of a Burger Queen.Pt 1

A Glimpse into the Life of a Burger Queen Pt 2

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