IWD w/a Burger Queen

IWD? International Women’s Day

In 1908 it began in New York City.Today  it is observed all around the world.The United States even designates the whole month of March as ‘Women’s History Month’.  March 8th is a day to celebrate achievements and inspire women of all walks of life to encourage and inspire  little girls who will grow up to be women who will be agents and leaders of change whether globally, in the workforce,in the community or right at home.

So without getting into too much of it here..you can click the link above for the whole herstory:)

Last month a few of us Broads attended a burger eating contest but what also caught my interest was the fact that the GM was a woman.A position you don’t see too often in the restaurant/burger business. When she gave me her card on it it read *Burger Queen*

That was it.I had to find out more about her.I set up an interview date with one of my Burger Broads,Zane, and away we went to interview Laura and get to know the woman who is an integral piece of the puzzle at the burger joint.laurawzane

The following is in her own words.

“In the beginning I was quickly taking on more and more responsibility at BQM Ossington, and Saeed (the owner) was opening at Queen and Spadina.  At the time he had a manager down there too, although we were never assigned official titles.  I think some people would be uncomfortable with this, but I liked it because it allowed me to carve out my own place using what I felt my own strengths were, defining my own role.  The time came to order business cards, and Saeed’s title had always been Chief Burger Tester.  He suggested that we also give ourselves fun titles, relating to burgers – again I liked the fact that it was all unofficial, the opposite of corporate.  Once given the freedom to choose my own Burger Title – well, my inner broad knew the obvious choice immediately 🙂 Burger Queen it was.”

The video.It is about a 9 minute interview with ‘rapid fire’ questions at the end.

Come find out what it means for her to be a Broad,what gets her up in the morning and whether she prefers boxers or briefs.

Ms D ( Madame of the BroadHouse)

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