Another Burger Eating Contest.OY!

OY!.Another burger eating contest? yup! this time for a good cause.Our good friends at Burger Brats held their first annual burger eating contest where 5 contestants each paid $35 to mow down on a 5 patty “game-over’ burger along with a thick chocolate milkshake and chili cheese fries.tshirt

Some did it for the glory,some did it for the challenge and some did in the name of charity.

All the proceeds went to Ernestine’s, a local Women’s Shelter.Food contests in general are a sure sign of our North American abundance or gluttony depending on you look at it but when it’s for a good cause we Broads like to jump in and play.Although we didn’t participate in the contest we were there to support and cheer on the contestants and have some Burger Broad fun because we like to support charities! especially about/for women.

This is Sharon with Community Engagement Manager,Elaine Wong of Ernestine!s


2 contestants worth mentioning are Steven Dorgo and Yulien Sun.

brats2 Brats3

It seems Steven is a professional burger eater.This 20 something year old guy who is from Guelph and made the trip to Toronto we met previously at BQM Burger Eating contest a few months ago, where he scoffed down 12 burgers in under 20 minutes.When we saw him at this contest we knew that the other contestants didn’t have a chance.

He ate EVERYTHING in 8 min and 49 secs. Just how does one do it? and WHERE does one put it? Then there was Yulien Sun, the ONLY female at the table so we but of course had to cheer her on for having the balls to compete with the guys!

See more photos on facebook by Burger Broad CircusJo


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