Welcome  Burger lovers and Broad lovers,

The Burger Broads are a  motley crew collective of  female burger lovers  who love everything about burgers, any kinda burgers!

They are not babes.They are not Barbies.They ARE BROADS! and They’re on a mission to  redefine burger culture and most importantly, what it means to be a BROAD.

From meatatarian to vegetarian they  showcase (eat) burgers on video showing and telling interesting stories of independent establishments,their owners and their burgers to give you a fun,informative and an entertaining look at North America’s favorite food, and perhaps all around the World.

Who doesn’t love to watch a Woman EAT!?

From grandma’s greasy spoon to gourmet burger joints
we Find.we Eat.we Share
We relish getting messy!
…and sometimes cheesy;

We are always asked  ” So..what is the best burger you ever had?”

Our answer: “We  never met a burger we didn’t like but some do make us *burgasm* more than others;)”

The Burger Broads are  NOT food critics. They ARE  burger lovers.

In the name of burgers and for the Love of Broads, once  again,Welcome!

We look forward to sharing with you.

we Find.we Eat.we Share


Ms.D-Madame of the BroadHouse

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