Celebrities Eating Burgers

North American Culture.What is it exactly?

apple pie? sports?entertainment? Hollywood? fast food? albeit an appropriation of food from other cultures,ie:pizza and without argument,hands down…burgers.

Why are North Americans obsessed with food? with celebrities? And why do we like to see celebrities eating? especially burgers? and WHY must we insist on taking pictures?!

I looked around the web and this is what I found.

If you have found a picture of a celebrity eating a burger please post in the comments!

MirrenBurgerDM2702_468x465Helen Mirrenbieber burgerJustin Bieber Hugh-Hefner-Hugh Hefner Lindsay-Lohaneating burgerLindsay Lohan obamaeburgersPresident Barack Obama

Mary Akte and Ashley OlsenMary Kate and Ashley Olsen padma lakshmiPadma Lakshmi paris hiltonParis Hilton

Angelina_Jolie_615832aAngelina Jolie clive-owen300x220Clive Owen Gene Simmons, Amanda de Cadenet and Paul DelVecchio Visit "Extra" - April 2, 2012Gene Simmons HilarySwankHilary Swank marilyn-eats-a-burgerMarilyn Monroe paula deenPaula Deen

and who can forget the Hoff! remember this video? that went viral after his daughter video taped him while he was drunk eating a burger.

It was funny.sad.pathetic and just one example of North American Culture at it’s worst.

I still love burgers.

Ms.D-Madame of The Broadhouse.

A Drive-Thru microwave burger?! really?

ok.. around here I don’t talk about fast food chain burgers or frozen patty burgers  let alone EAT them BUT  I was in the grocery store the other day and saw this ready made bacon cheeseburger in a box in the frozen food section.

Curiosity always gets the better of me. For the most part I will try anything once. Otherwise you can’t make an informed opinion.And again.. curiosity rules!

For blog vanity sake I also thought this would make an interesting blog post;)

A microwave burger?! wtf?! and in less than 1 minute?! Surely, it possibly COULD NOT  taste good. Surely, my stomach, my bowels and my  butt would pay for it the next day and I would be ever so sorry that I let curiosity rule….especially for this ready made frozen bacon cheeseburger that you microwave and it’s ready in 1 minute. BUT I HAD TO FIND OUT.Just HOW BAD COULD IT REALLY BE?

 I followed the instructions.

Open one end of the plastic bag and put it in the microwave for exactly

1 minute.

This is how it came out of the microwave.a sloppy slice of American Cheese with 2 strips of that fake bacon stuff.

You know what i’m talking about.

The bun was somewhat soggy but of course. It was afterall in the microwave.

To help make it hopefully a tastier burger than it was promising to look I added a slice of tomato and a squirt of Heinz.

(There is no other kind,when it comes to Ketchup/Catsup)

You know what? It wasn’t as horrible as I thought it would be but then again, it was after midnite and I had already had a couple shots of Jack. I was hungry.

It tasted pretty much like it advertised itself to be. A burger that you would get at a fast food chain burger joint….but in my now informed opinion, worse.

But I did eat the entire thing.Like I said.I was hungry.

Would I do it again? NO.


Fast food burger rant

BRAVO!  Jamie Oliver!

Jamie Oliver vs McDonald’s

I am sure said burger chain is not the only one who uses/used the ‘safe’ product that they call ammonium hydroxide better known as pink slime.

Why would anyone eat fast food burgers anyways?! Conditioned to be lazy from a young age? perhaps.

Wake up Burger Lovers!!!.

You don’t need to eat meat all the time but when you do have a hankering Know where your meat comes from.

Learn.Appreciate.Respect and Be grateful that you are on the top of the food chain.

Support your local burger joint,local restaurant or pub.

They care and will gladly educate you while you feast…. and in turn, you will actually take the time to Bite.Chew.Swallow  and savour, leaving your belly satisfied with love and nutrition instead of having to run like mad to the crapper 1/2 hour later.

In Burgers We Trust,

Signed, Ms.D-The Madame of the BroadHouse

The Great Burger Rant

We love this guy!This is what we Burger Broads are all about! and Chef Michael Smith couldn’t have said it better!